Temporary cadres from central units visited Liukeng for research and guidance

On August 22, the cadres of the central unit came to Liukeng to investigate and guide the work. Chen Xiaoqing, member of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee and head of the Organization Department, accompanied the investigation.



Du Guohui, the "big village head" of Liukeng Village, dispatched the poverty alleviation work

On August 21, Du Guohui, deputy head of the county government and the "big village head" of Liukeng Village, took advantage of the lunch break to go to Liukeng to dispatch poverty alleviation work and make arrangements for the next step. Du Guohui conveyed the spirit of the "Seventh Plenary Session of the Fourteenth Session of the County Party Committee (Expanded) Meeting" at the meeting, and arranged the poverty alleviation work: First, the poverty alleviation must give priority to solving the housing security problem of households without houses and dilapidated houses. The investigation needs to be re-examined, re-identified, and re-implemented, and each unit of the company must conduct cross-checks to ensure the accuracy of the data; the second is to seize the opportunity to vigorously promote village renovation and completely change the dirty and messy appearance of Liukeng;

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