The renovation of Liukeng villages has achieved results, and the housing project cannot be delayed

Liukeng Village is a thousand-year-old village, and cattle raising is one of the main industries of the village. Therefore, there are many dilapidated and old houses and cattle stalls in the village, which seriously affect the appearance of the village. According to the statistics of Liukeng Administration Bureau, there are 27 dilapidated and old houses to be demolished in the village, about 837 square meters; 49 pig and cattle stalls, about 1618 square meters; 15 dry toilets, about 343 square meters; 126 utility rooms, about 1532 square meters; There are 76 other sites that need to be demolished, with an area of ​​about 1577㎡, involving a total of 232 households and 293 places, with a demolished area of ​​about 6000㎡.



Liukeng Ancient Village comprehensively improves the intelligent and safe electricity monitoring and management system

In order to deeply learn the lessons of the fire accident in the National Museum of Brazil and the fire accidents of museums and cultural relics in my country in recent years, improve the fire safety management level of Liukeng Ancient Village, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of major fire accidents. The Le'an County Government invested special funds for the installation of the "smart and safe electricity monitoring and management system".



Jiangxi Provincial Fire Safety "Three Special Projects" Action Supervision Team went deep into Le'an County to inspect the fire safety work of cultural relics and ancient buildings

On October 17, the inspection and supervision team of Jiangxi Province's "three special rectifications" and the elimination of fire hazards went deep into Liukeng to check the fire safety of cultural relics and ancient buildings.



Liukeng Administration continues to strengthen the construction of cadres' style of work

Under the correct leadership of the county party committee and the county government, the Liukeng Administration Bureau conscientiously implemented the spirit of the series of important speeches by General Secretary Xi Jinping, and took the opportunity of the provincial cadre style construction conference to closely focus on the goals established by the county's 14th party congress. Tasks, change the work style, achieve linkage between ancient villages and new villages, joint protection and development, internal management and external image, implementation of prescribed actions, optional actions with characteristics, Liukeng Scenic Spot presents enhanced protection, village beautification, environmental optimization, and image. Beautify, the good situation of social harmony.

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