"Big Village Chief" Du Guohui supervises the progress of the renovation of dilapidated houses in Liukeng

On the afternoon of September 20, the "big village chief" Du Guohui supervised the renovation of dilapidated houses in Liukeng Village, Yuannei, Yangtian and Zhoujia. In view of the reality of heavy tasks, tight time and high requirements, Du Guohui attached great importance to it and conducted a comprehensive inspection and supervision of the preliminary planned maintenance list of dilapidated houses in Liukeng Village.



New look, new act

Since September, the new party branch of Liukeng Village has spent half a month with the goal of creating a demonstration site for party building in the city, with the environmental transformation of the village committee as the entry point, and with the goal of serving the party members (villagers) of the whole village well. Focus on environmental improvement, erecting the national flag, hanging slogans, planting solar street lights, building small pavilions, greening the courtyard, setting up publicity broadcasts, and arranging party members' activity rooms.



Taking the hanging point assistance as the starting point to ensure the smooth progress of the poverty alleviation work

On the one hand, do a good job in helping cadres. Strictly implement the exit standards and procedures for poor households and poor villages, improve the information files and big data platforms of poor households, improve the dynamic management of poor households, and ensure that the files of poor households are "zero-error" to ensure that poor households are helped, and the overall situation is linked. Point cadres go to the household more than four times a month and fill in the help records.



Liukeng Administration increases village renovation efforts to improve the quality of ancient villages

In order to continuously improve the living environment of the ancient villages, gradually eliminate the "dirty, messy and poor" phenomena in the ancient villages, comprehensively implement the comprehensive environmental management work, and focus on the "three demolition" (distressed houses, hollow houses, random construction, etc. Demolition of buildings) and “four clean-ups” (clearing clear water ditch, clearing mud in ponds, clearing roadblocks, and clearing cluttered piles), Liukeng Administration Bureau has continuously increased the efforts to rectify Liukeng Village , and steadily accelerated the demolition and road repair work. , vigorously enhance the image of the ancient village inside and outside.

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