The official biography of the imperial censor Xuefeng

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2018-11-09 15:59

Wen Linlang supervises the imperial censor Xuefeng Dong Gong, whose name is Shiwang and his courtesy name is Minqiao. Xuefeng, its nickname is also. A native of Liukeng, Yungai Township, Fule, after Song Shaoshi, Duke Dunyi. Gongsheng's spirit is calm and clear, and Yingyi is very different from the ordinary. In October, he was orphaned, and Ju Yu gave instructions, all from the concubine's wife, Wang's. When he was young, the father loved Yi, and he competed with Qun'er. The sun slew the boat against Yi in the shade of the willows on the other bank, and he never returned. The lady was surprised to find it, and it was late. Yin Jiezhi said: "My widow lives in a remote place, and I stand alone. I only depend on you for a living. But why is my son who is not interested in learning and is addicted to this little skill? What do I expect from this defeating trick?" Gong Hyun burst into tears, Painfully repented. From then on, he disappeared from the game, and he was motivated to learn at the age of fourteen. He was the Duke of the north, who played according to the time system, and practiced the sub-industry. He was in the house numbered in the city, and waited on the couch of Duke He until mid-night. He Su ended in a nightmare, and the public screamed out in panic, wailing, and weeping like rain. Everyone sighed and said, "Young boy, you don't see his astonishment, so you wailed like this! Madam was frightened when she heard it, and said, "My son is dealing with He Gong, and now He Gong has died of a sudden illness. Rely on." He sent people to look at him, only to see that his face was miserable, and his mourning was endless, like a person who had nowhere to go. The viewer returned to his wife and began to console the day: "My son's ambition is now known!" Naturally, the stronger the ambition, the sharper the strength. For the sake of learning, those who are hungry want to eat, those who are thirsty want to drink, and forget the cold and heat day and night. The house is often in a small building, and in the morning and evening, it is dedicated to living, and food is served to the wife, so I go downstairs. The wife often abstains from it: in order to study solid, it is appropriate to be diligent, for fear of being too diligent, hurting the mind and exhausting energy and getting sick. Gong Xu replied: "The ancients said that the industry is widely diligent, and life and death have fate. I have never heard of a person who died due to diligence in the world, so don't worry about it." The wife offered spinning every night, and ordered the father to take a book and sit with the lamp. sleeping quarters. Knowing the meaning of the lady, hid the lamp and came out. As soon as Madam lay on her pillow, she took out the lamp to read and play silently, fearing to wake up Madam. It is still a vulgar drama, and the public disappears without a single glance. One night, singing and dancing were set up in front of the small building of the public residence, and the public closed the household to sit quietly, as if nothing was heard. Those who knew the clan peeped at him through the hole in the wall, and saw that he was sitting dangerously with his front facing the book. He sighed and said, "This son cannot be tempted from the outside, and he can't do it unless he keeps his heart in it. He will achieve it in the future, and it will be measurable!"
In the Spring of Jiawu, the first monarch gave a lecture in Fangtang. Going to the public residence for half a room, the public has the intention of seeing the first emperor. On the night before the future, the corporal Meng Yiwei, dressed like a great man, ascended from the west steps to worship. The next day, Gongguo arrived, and everyone was very different. The public sees the first emperor, and performs the disciple ceremony. Xianjun observes Gongyu's silent actions, and does not go beyond etiquette. All discussions are from Zhongda and foreign countries, and there is absolutely no ridiculous talk. I know well that public education has its foundation, and the rest of the business is ear. Contact with the public, since it is more intimate, and each other is forged by virtue. Bingshen, a disciple of the government of the government, was named Xue Xing and crowned the county. After Xie Chuzhou ascended to the first place, every word of the scholars said: The one who succeeds me must be Dong. In the autumn of Gengzi, the first emperor killed Cheng Township. There is a saying in the report of the public with books: If you continue to urge you to wait for the next class, if it is not the case, you will return with your arms wrapped in your arms and worship your mother in the hall, so that you can read the books you have not read. In the autumn of Guimao, the fruit was successful, and the deer was finished. There was a poem. The first two sentences said: "October is pregnant. By. At the end of the sentence: "This is an ordinary thing in the subject, and I am happy to have a road to loyalty to the king." Next year, Jiachen will be on the Jinshi list. The first monarch of the book newspaper was in Chengxiang, and he said that he would welcome and raise the doctor. The Xianjun replied: "It's not too late to wait until you have been chosen. But the deacon was filial and pure in his life and could not forget his relatives for a day. If possible. It is also possible to welcome before the election. Later, he was released to the province according to the regulations, and the public home was as light as it was when he took food as a scholar. Taste said: "It's not the righteousness, it's not the way, one is not to be with people, the other is not to take people, this sage is a great virtue." He opened the door to teach disciples, and he taught lectures every day. Official contacts, but with the book to answer his diligence, nothing to do with it. Bing Wuqiu, the eldest lady slept in bed when she died of illness, and all the funerals and sacrifices of hundreds of residences were treated like rituals. In the next year, Mrs. Si Xi, who had a history of her life, heard about her courtship, and ordered a special edict to show her door. Duke Zhou of the county, in a great book, said in his hall: "Zhenyu", which means that God is devoted to the virtuousness of the public, picking up the blue and picking up the purple, so it is also a matter of honoring the doctor's virtue and virtuousness. Liyou has a lawsuit for his in-laws, and transfers hundreds of gold to the official book to Bao Tuiguan. Gong whispered to him: "Your marriage should not know me, I have been friends with you for life, you know that I am old, and this thing should be perfect?" His friend was ashamed and retreated. Yongfeng's grain growers are very difficult to serve, and many of the competitors will lose their families. Tolin, a relative and old friend of Shixiang, asked Gongshuqi to be exempted from the county magistrate. This is also a matter of danger. If it is not for personal reasons, the public will not allow it. Instead, he replied: "How should Prince Yin behave like other people? Since he can't do it for personal reasons, how can I do it for people?" Cen has been silent for three years, and the public's audio consumption has become unreliable, and nothing can be obtained from others. It is named after the vertical archway, which is thick and thick in the public, but the public word is not. Gong Chang instructed Lin and said: "The aspirations of future generations must not be far away and big. If you teach righteousness, you must reach the status of a sage. When you become a scholar and enter an official position, you must serve the ruler and the people. In this way, it is easy to get a husband's affairs." Every inch of Qiutian’s land is written in one volume, and paid to Laotian for storage. Lin asked him suspiciously, and the public said: "I was orphaned in ten months. This industry is all my mother and widow lived and lived in hardships to protect the ancestors. I am about to enter the officialdom, and my son is still immature. Otherwise, how could I be so trivial?"
Ji Youchun, revived Shangquan Cao. At the end of the year, the next generation of Yumen said: "I will do it, follow the appointment, and do what I do. Confucius said: 'Don't deceive you, and break it', I have my own ambition. ." After entering the audience, Quan Cao was registered as a supervisor of the imperial censor, and he was listed in the North Road. Take this job. Ji Ji Huang Huang, Su Ye bandits are slack. Self-proclaimed censors are the eyes and ears of the imperial court, and they are bound by the disciplines, and have a very heavy responsibility. How can he win? It's only a matter of Chen Jue's heart! When Dai Zhong was exiled for his advice, the public sent a poem saying: "If everyone is silent, how can we teach justice?" : "This white-faced imperial censor is really a stinger! It can be celebrated as a person who has a good reputation." The horse fell from the Yugou Bridge, his clothes were soaked through, and he still wore wet clothes to work. The cold was very cold, and became typhoid fever, and finally traveled to the apartment. There are nine out of thirty years old, and the calendar officer reads the moon three times. The condolences from far and near are full of condolences. Tu Gongyong, the chief of the imperial censor, heard the funeral of the public, and he wrote a long sigh and said: "Since I celebrate that my yamen has obtained a real censor, I hope that he will be greatly improved. If this is the case, God has no intention of being in the world!" Ying crate.
Second male: Ce, Fan. Female 2: Jinhui, Jinwu. Ceke was established, and Jin Hui was Lin Shi, who was married to Zeng Ru. Fan and Jinwu were both heavens, and they married Zhu Ru people. Sun male three: Chang Ju; Ci Sui, recommended by Dengxin Maoke Township; San Huan, a student member of Chongyi. The great-grandsons Junhe, Junjing, Junyu, Junshi, and Junzhi all have ambitions to improve.
The theory says: Duke Yue wears his shoes, and the affairs of a man are covered by the body of the Duke. Take and be scrupulous, you are quite self-defeating, and there are thousands of troops who cannot be taken away. Unforgettable, always consistent. And the desire to do great things in the world, that it is the reality of its prominence. The establishment of the court, the rule of the wind, that is, the danger is serious, the wind is in the world, and everyone who hears it is stunned. If the sky is old, it will build honors and careers, and it will reveal the universe, illuminate the history and policy, and reflect the ancients. Therefore, knowing that the responsibility is heavy and far-reaching, the power of the public can definitely overcome it. Cheng Chungong said: "Heavy burdens must be hard-backed, and Han can carry them." He said that the hard-backed Han is not a slap in the face? Can there be no regrets?! Lin Xiaozi dared to take his pen and make it a public biography, because he was afraid that the public's Yi travel would not be heard for a long time, so he forgot his arrogance, and then worshipped him with words to show the future life.

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