Xian Kao Na Um Weng's line

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2018-11-09 15:58

I'll go first to Kauna'an Weng, and to Fule's An Liukeng people. Taboo policy, word ten thousand words, line two, alias Ne'an. The great-grandfather Yinanggong, with the experience of Zhong Siyong serving as a left-behind left guard in Beijing, gave it to Zheng Shilang. Zu Fulong died early, and grandmother Wang's children observed the festival and received grace. His father, Shiwang, ascended to Jiachen as a jinshi, and was granted Huguang Dao to supervise the censor. His mother was a child of Zeng's family, and his stepmother was a child of Zhu's family. Zeng Ruren also died young, and he was tested in the education of children and Ju, and Zhu Ruren's achievements were many. Two orphaned brothers were born, Suito Township recommended, Huan Yi and tribute. Sun Wu: Jun He and Jun Yu were the disciples of the city, and Jun Jing, Jun Zhi, and Jun Shi were all outstanding disciples. Great-grandsons Yuru and Maoru. When Yuru was born for the first time, the happy day was examined: "My ancestor and father both died early, leaving an orphan, and I haven't seen him as an adult. What about my grandson? What about my great-grandson? It's a joy for the family!" Then he ordered a sacrifice and said: "My ancestors and fathers heard about it, and I smiled and went to the ground!" On the 13th day of the fourth month of the first month of the Jiawu period, he died at the twelfth day of the seventh month of the seventh month of the Jiajing Yisi year. Seventy out of two. Matched with Dahuping Wang's Ruren, Changjiang House experienced Longshan Gong's eldest daughter. On May 20, the Ding You year of Chenghua, unfortunately, he passed away after the examination on the seventh day of the eighth lunar month of the following year, at the age of seventy. Woohoo! There are many mournings year after year, the sky has collapsed and the earth has collapsed, and the pain is so painful! This winter, the burial of the burial book was in the shape of a centipede in the small port of Banqiao, all with their backs to Hai and their faces. While building a hut to guard the grave and weeping for blood, keep in mind what he wears, so that those who take the test will check it out.
I tested since the imperial censor passed away, and at the age of fifteen, Zhuo Ran was established. A good gentleman, he likes guests, and pays great attention to wealth. The Yingzong Temple used the long sacrificial ceremony, the covenant pavilion was established to maintain the covenant law, and the Yongji bridge pavilion was built to facilitate the involvement of the Quartet. Happy to do good deeds, happy to hear good words. Nothing to do with things, but not stubbornly follow. Or there are those who bully the weak and the weak. Sexually addicted to alcohol, and drinking with people will have a lot of fun, although there is a lot but not disorder. Hi Yi, the authorities did not see any anger against him. It is also a comedy drama, watching all night without drowning in play. There are three orphans in the flea, who test and be kind to each other, and are called "four loneliness". When he was young, he made "Four Solitary Meetings" and enjoyed eating and drinking. Since the Sui brothers have a little knowledge, they spend time together with the four brothers and drink less, and one of them is to teach their sons. Since Zhengde Bingzi, he extended his family home and studied "Poetry". The next year, Sui was sent to study at Aoxi Academy in Yicheng, and he was informed by Duke Tao of Yihou. The "Spring and Autumn" is taught to each other, and then ordered to learn "The Spring and Autumn". Next year, Chongyi disciples. When Duke Tao left office, there is no biography of "Spring and Autumn". It has been many years since Sanming studied "Yi", extended Fu's home, and published "Outside Biography". The solemn ceremony is beyond reach. Jiajing Jiashen, Huan also served as a disciple. Ding Haichun, the same complement. When the family fortune is lacking, it is also very laborious to make money every year. The examination is only to achieve learning as a matter, although it is expensive, it is not stingy. Zhongshan Liu Gong often said to Kao: "Your family is weak, but it is enough to teach one son to continue his bookishness. All want to teach him. I am afraid that it is not enough." Kao said: "But the two sons are eager to learn, so why should I try my best to make it happen?" Seeing the beauty of Kao's nature, Zhongshan tried to call Kao again, "My brother is best to teach." Kao replied, "What my brother said during the day was just to keep people's minds and do good deeds. That's all in my life. What is there to say about this? I am fortunate to have taught me." Zhongshan respected and loved him more and more, and every time he stayed, he would return after several months.
Wu Ziqiu, Duke Nie of Shuangjiang and Duke Liu of Zhongshan advocated the learning of Baisha, Yangming and Ganquan. That is, he ordered the lonely brothers to follow him, and Xiang and Zuo Chongzheng met at Jinlun Mountain. Occasionally, there is a call to take the test: "Two good scholars, they don't study, they only teach, but unfortunately they fall into the water." People's words hinder their actions. Xin Mao, Sui Chinese style, test said: "According to people, you fell into the water, and now you are lucky to land on the shore. If you go here, if you are a scholar, I will consolate my wish. If it fails, you should be able to teach with scholars from all over the world. , don't make people scoff and say that your generation fell into the water." Sui Cheng ordered to go north, Renchen went to the first place, and returned to the southern prison. Shao Sicheng Nanye Ou Gong advocated learning from Nanyong, and Sui obtained teachers and helped to understand the old school. After not returning to the province for more than a year, those who have good deeds in the township slandered Sui and died. The concubine was terrified and at a loss, Kao Xu said, "I know that this son will die soon." Later, when he survived alone, he said: "If my son is as I said, it is not a pity to slander. What is a pity is that the customs steal the ear: merchants and merchants benefit from the four directions. , all things men do, Fang is over the age and slandered to death. What's more, the stealing of customs is also! Don't use this two ambitions." In the winter of Jiawu and Dongguo, Mr. Dongguo advocated the Qingyuan Association and returned to pay his respects. Yi did not go to Chunguan again, and he had no other words to say when he parted, and only gave lectures as his instructions. After passing Weiyang, Mr. Wen Xinzhai advocated learning on the coast of the East China Sea. Bing Shenchun, Sui is going to be right again. Shiquan pressed Nie Zi to go out to make up Danyang, and passed through Taizhou. The villagers slandered him again, saying: Suiguo is dead today! When the first concubine was born, the party held a banquet. Kao also calmly said: "Is there any reason? I know that this son will die soon." And he said: "There will be true faith soon." And tomorrow, the boy will return from Taizhou. The test said: "If it is as people say, my son has already died." Gong Liang knows that he is immortal, why?" Kao said, "If I establish my mind, I shouldn't have this: I should establish my mind with this son, and I shouldn't stop here. This is why I know that it is immortal. "
It's autumn, Sui arrives home. He ordered the wine to be served, and comforted him with euphemisms, saying: "The top scholars are from heaven, and the lectures are from people. Zi Wei will do everything in his power, so that he will order it from heaven, and be careful not to slander the two ambitions." Comrades from all over the world see each other and travel together. It is possible to go back beyond what is said, and there is no one who is unreasonable slander. I know that I can't slander and move in my exams, and I know that I can't slander and hinder my ambition to learn in my exams. When he arrived at Jiachen, he headed north and asked for the order: "This is a good place to accept an official. I will see you soon." And when he got home, he fell ill on the test. There was never a single word of resentment during the illness, but he said: "If you accept an official, your father and son will not see each other, and you will miss each other. Now that you are back, this day will be a blessing to me." Sit quietly in the hall. Before the crisis, the five whites began to ask about family affairs on the couch. Then he said, "Brother You'er, what can I say again?" Huan asked, "How can you hear the noise outside?" Wei replied, "The wind is blowing." Then he stopped talking. Woohoo! Before I met I, I was tired of studying because of the poverty of my family; The sin of unfilial piety cannot be redeemed for ten thousand deaths! Fortunately, I have tested the degree of benevolence and kindness, and have a clear view. Therefore, before you are tired, you will not see it. After you are tired. No relatives are seen. This is the good nature of its nature, and it naturally fits with the Tao, rather than embellishing it and making it stronger. Taste and brother Huan privately sighed and said, "That's what the venerable elders have done. Every time scholars and scholars can't reach them, every time they steal it from themselves. The Book of Changes says: Although there is no teacher to protect, it is like visiting parents. What is his name? The lords of the township, such as Duke Chen Mingshui, Duke Nie of Shuangjiang, Duke Zou of Dongkuo, and every time they pass through the cottage, they will be more polite and say, "Weng's true color!" The lonely brothers have learned a little Those, Qiu Hao are also given by the public examination.
Although, my concubine also helped. The concubine is stern and resolute, and dare not do things unless ordered. Only reading and lecturing, do whatever you want, and approve of it. If the fee is not paid, the jewelry will be given as a gift. If the beginning is to be happy because of poverty, and the end is not to be slandered or obstructed from the end, then my examination will be able to do what I want, and the lonely brothers will also be able to complete their learning in peace? This is why I know me. My concubine not only helped me in my examinations, but also greatly helped my lonely brother! I am not so lucky to be lonely, so is the holy kindness of my strict kindness!
Although, there is also some self: my family’s grandfather, pregnant with Duke Ang, passed on the family with loyalty and faithfulness, and ordered the names of the grandchildren, and used the expression “accumulation of goodness has more happiness”. In the past, people said that the accumulation of thick and splendid hair is a matter of prudence. Unfortunately, the great-grandfather passed away prematurely, and nothing happened. Although the ancestors ascended to the official positions, they did not pursue Jue Shi and died, and the people who made them are as thin as Yun Er! Up to my ancestors, they lived a long life with simplicity and simplicity. That's why those who cultivated the virtue of loyalty and honesty among the ancestors, cultivated the spirit of the family, and swayed the plots of Yanyi's descendants, did not dare to forget what they were doing. Woohoo! It's a pity that I can't wait for the glory of my life, to raise it in a fight, and to repay an inch of grass with little effect. When will I forget the eternal hatred? Woohoo! It's a tearful word, and I'd like to describe its outline. One thing and one good thing cannot be contained, and it is still up to the great gentleman to make a subtle interpretation.

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