The Second Biography of Dong Qi

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2018-11-09 15:58

Jun Yu, courtesy name Yiqun, No. Qiaozhai, Xingqi Er. Qianlong Yihai was born in Shuinan. At the beginning, the great-grandfather lived here for several generations, and his family was very poor. Grandmother Yuan, because my ancestor Cheng Gong was not enough for animals, often wore a single shirt to protect the snow. Legend has it that when I descended my ancestors, I was in the middle of five nights of wind and cold. When it first landed, there was no bitterness and no cream, and the pine knots were burned to take the photo, and the life-long mother looked at it. Mistaking her for a woman, she reported it as "Meng Jiang also". Yuan Zaibei cried when he heard it and said: "I am so poor today, I have no clothes and brown, and it is difficult to die, and Xi Neng can breastfeed another woman? I will drown in accordance with the custom, and what is the crime of caring for the baby? The ominous killing will definitely tire me. In the gully!" Wen Po persuaded him, "Abandon it as a last resort, it's the same everywhere, why is it only for the little one who can't bear to do it?" Yuan set the ravine, and wanted to wait for the day to sink into the river. Xianjun screamed in surprise, quack and quack. When the ice is strong, the wind cracks his skin, and the cold invades his bones. Crying to the point of leaking, still can't die, and the neighbors are horrified. Ji Dongfang Bai, ordered to look at him again, but when he saw that he was tossing and turning, he wanted to raise his hand. If you look under the navel, you are also a dangerous man! Because of the mistake of Wen's wife's old eyes and flowers, if it is not destiny, she will almost die under the nest! He lost his parents when he was three years old, and had a younger brother who was over a year old. Poor three feet of life, for the market fire. Morning meal porridge, night lying on cattle clothes. The group is young and bullying each other, and the mother should not respond. When he was five years old, his mother left his brother again and was entrusted to Ya's parents. When my younger brother suffered from chancre disease, he often lay naked on the ground, licking the ashes and eating the soil. The emperor knew that he was going to die, and he fed him every time he wept. Soon the chancre disease was dying, and it was night. When the first prince, Hei Tian, ​​felt it, he rubbed it with his hands, his flesh was cold, and when he shook his shoulders and sued him, he was already stiff! He was the only one who survived. At ten years old, he can barely bear the burden, that is, he can support himself. When he became a child, he learned the art of Lu Shangchao song. Then it was changed to the main restaurant of the restaurant, working hard day and night. You can treat your uncle like your father, eat and live, and serve more than your parents and children. And Yafu also loved him so much, so he tried to tell his son: "Aluo has great ambitions, and he can reach one ten thousandth. Gai Xi observes his ambition and knows that he will do something in the future. At the age of twenty-six, he was accepted into the room, and Li Laigui, a juvenile, advocated for him both internally and externally, and supported each other. In addition to the time and prosperity, everything is beneficial. In the past 20 years, the family has accumulated thousands of dollars, and the household has a surplus of eight. There are people who do not know where the benefits come from and where the blessings come from. Since Ai, he plans to return to Zili, set up a house at the entrance of the official lane, and buy several acres of land. After nurturing Kun, kindness and righteousness are prepared. In the third year of Jiaqing, he entered Chinese studies. Afterwards, I gave it to my brothers, and I was also in the ranks of the toilet. At the age of seventy, the villagers petitioned Liu Gonggong, the eunuch, with virtue and hope, and detailed the right to be the official guest of the township. The husband and wife are all in the high life, and they die at the age of seventy-eight. At the beginning of the first emperor's life, he was free from disease and grew stronger in old age. After the old age, the eyebrows and hair remain unchanged, the teeth fall and regenerate, the eyes and ears are unharmed, the walking does not support the stick, the sitting does not rely on the chair, the spirit and blood are so vigorous. At the time of Yi Ba, seeing Sun Zeng Huanli and Yanqing in the second hall, there were more than 20 people in four generations.

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The General Office of the State Council has opened the "National Government Service Complaints and Suggestions" applet to widely receive clues and suggestions on government service issues

In order to implement the spirit of Premier Li Keqiang's important instructions on accepting complaints about various issues and strengthening supervision over government services, the General Office of the State Council has opened the "National Government Service Complaints and Suggestions" mini-program from September 20 to widely receive complaints from all walks of life about government services. questions and suggestions.



Announcement on Adjusting the Ticket Price of Liukeng Scenic Spot

In order to implement the "Guiding Opinions of the National Development and Reform Commission on Improving the Ticket Price Formation Mechanism for State-owned Scenic Spots and Lowering the Ticket Prices of Key State-owned Scenic Spots", the document No. 951 [2018] of the Development and Reform Commission, from September 30, 2018, Liukeng Scenic Spot Tickets The price has been reduced, from the original ticket price of 60 yuan/person to 50 yuan/person.



Liukeng Ancient Village was selected as the first batch of "Jiangxi Province Primary and Secondary School Students Research and Practice Education Base"

On August 14th, the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education officially announced the "Evaluation Results of the First Batch of Research and Practice Education Bases for Primary and Secondary School Students in Jiangxi Province" to name 64 units as the first batch of "Jiangxi Province Primary and Secondary School Students Research and Practice Education Bases", and Liukeng Ancient Village in Le'an was selected. .



Liukeng Administration further strengthens village renovation efforts

1. Environmental sanitation: The Liukeng scenic spot is divided into four working areas, and the environmental sanitation in each area is investigated in detail; the sanitary dead corners in the village are thoroughly cleaned; the open spaces on both sides of the entrance to the village are leveled, and masonry walls are adopted. Or paving cultural stone to build it; repairing the fine line pavement, so that the comprehensive environment of the entire scenic spot has undergone better changes.