Dong Shouchun and his wife Yuan

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2018-11-09 15:58

It has been nine years since my elder brother, Duke Shouchun, was killed by the Cantonese bandits. To humiliate brother Lie, you can't lie down to vent your hatred, and you should be dead. Yesterday, the mother called Lie and said: "Now my house is repairing the genealogy, and you have paid a special visit to cousin Liang Yitang's filial piety and integrity. Please pass it on to your father, and make a preface to your life. Your heart is not exhausted. Brother and your eldest sister-in-law lived in Huifan’s life, so you can’t help but ask the gentleman to say something, in order to put his light in the dark. Considering the misery he suffered, should Anke allow him to be wiped out?” Lie Cheng ordered, pondered over and over again, but couldn’t find him. . I want to ask Yitang Xiaolian for it again, and the spectrum has been completed. Too late. I can only write the book for myself, and I will ask for another name later. The mother also called Lie: "After your eldest brother is crowned, you should be able to remember it when you grow up. Before you crowned it, you were young, and you may not be familiar with it. You are grinding the ink, and you will tell me if you are waiting for it. Returning to your father, the family is poor, and every time I don’t give you a lot of clothes. And I give it to my daughter who is an official. When I meet you suddenly, I am suffering. Those who rely on not to be afraid are fortunate to have your eldest brother, and my heart is very happy. Also. That is, when there is occasional hesitation, every time I look at it, I am relieved. Your eldest brother has been abnormal since childhood. He has a good description and a clever language. When he was two years old, your father took him to study in Xiaofang. Every time he returned, he would say to Yu: 'This son is talented, he may grow up or be able to revive his family's voice, you don't have to worry about his poverty!' However, Yu watched this. Son, I also secretly confided about your father's personality, and I knew that he would have a future, and he was very happy, and he didn't realize that he was in a difficult situation. You were only three years old, and suffered from acne at the same time. Yu and your father were exhausted and sleepless for several months. Fortunately, they were blessed by God, and they were all safe. At the age of ten, they were still studying with your father in Chengkou. In July, they suddenly relapsed and became critically ill. Very. In the early morning of the seventh day of the first lunar month, your father brought him home for treatment. That night, there were thunderstorms, and the people who came out of the water were more than ten feet high, and the vertical and horizontal ones were more than a hundred miles. It was said that the academy had been destroyed by the water. Your father was greatly appalled, saying: 'It is not this son, I am a ghost in the water!' Those who heard it were all surprised and congratulated. Read. Although I hate being out of school, I don’t have to worry about my salary. After five years, your father traveled to Shanxi as Uncle Junqing. Doing business abroad, or working hard at home, working hard day and night, what you have seen with your own eyes, you will not be left behind. However, you may not be fully aware of its filial piety, friendship, and measure of generosity. When your brother was four or five years old, he could eat anything. , must say 'grandfather eat', 'mother and mother eat'. It's a little longer, and you can treat your parents first. Your father is sick, and you take decoction and medicine, and you don't know how to wear clothes. When I was young, I was insulted by others, and I didn’t let me know. Every time I encountered a rebellion, I didn’t get a school, and people thought that I had a father’s style. Your eldest brother has not been crowned. Hey! My mother said so, and my brother's situation is not easy, and it is not easy to work.
Moreover, after the crown, Lie followed his father to study outside, and it was no less important. The second brother took office from Zhang Chuzhan's uncle. A few mouthfuls, all waiting to be eaten by my brother. And brother, with his sick body, supported from left and right, his hard work cannot be counted. At the age of twenty-three, his sister-in-law, Yuan Ru, returned. The following year the thieves fled Jifeng, and the following year the bandits settled in the county seat. Escape from east to west, there will be no peace. In the following year, the county owner Jin Gong Dan Shu persuaded each village to form a group training, and his brother also worked with him to regain the county seat. In April, a huge group of bandits came back to the village and burned down the houses, killing them for nothing. On the third day of the fifth lunar month, tens of thousands of bandits rushed from Tengshi to Huping. That year, I was admitted to the residence hall in Badu, Benyi, and Lie Yi lived in Yongfeng Umeda. My second brother was also in the post of uncle, but my eldest brother was the only one to preside over it at home. On the third night of the first day, the eldest brother was still unknown, and the thieves had approached the entrance of the village, so Fang took his mother and sister-in-law to escape the chaos in the Yangling Mountains. Returning home, he wanted to invite the group to practice fighting thieves, but he was executed halfway through. The thieves forced him to carry the burden, but he did not obey, and he was murdered at the side of Shiyuan Temple in the original inner city. Born in Renchen, Daoguang, but not in Dingsi, Xianfeng, he was only twenty or six years old. Sister-in-law, Yuan Ru, is dignified in virtue. At the age of seventeen, I belonged to my brother, my husband and wife were like guests, and my filial friends were obedient, especially my mother. When her husband died, the water did not penetrate, and she repeatedly wanted to hang herself. Later, I persuaded Yi Li to follow the Fu, and eat when he is strong. In November, thieves broke out again, and they fled from Ruwai's family to the Xin place in Chongren Mountain. The thieves raced to the ground, and the sister-in-law heard about it, and planned to throw the water into the water to die. Born in Wuxu, Daoguang, died in Dingsi, Xianfeng, only twenty years old. Lie successively reported to the head of Ming County, Meng Lin and Zhang Ergong asked the Ministry for details, and enshrined the decree to worship the Zhaozhong Temple, and the sister-in-law worshiped the Zhen Martyr Temple.
Woohoo! My brother is the eldest son of Duke Xintian for me. He is a filial friend and kind, born of his own nature. And after more than 20 years of hardships, without receiving a day's reward, he was killed by this tragic poison, and his sister-in-law died because of his brother. Whoever hears it will have a sour nose, and who is a compatriot? I hereby accept the order of the mother, and weeping tears cannot be words. According to what my mother said, I wrote it to someone I saw in person, so that the future gentleman can take it.

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