Manager Mountain Shrine Protocol

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2018-11-09 15:57

Since the end of the Tang Dynasty and the Five Dynasties, the ancestor Kao Situ Gong came to live in this township. The death was buried in the shape of a bullfight, and Mrs. Yuzhang was buried in the shape of a yellow snake. The death of the second ancestor Kao Sisikong was buried in the shape of a golden hairpin, and the death of the concubine's wife of Nanyang County was buried in the shape of a flying goose. The third generation was divided into four factions, so the four ancestors’ tombs and mountains, wandering around the four rivers, are all public properties, and everyone has a share, and everyone can be buried. Among the four factions, the descendants of the two factions, Mingfa and Daoists, are not strong, and only one line remains. Fan Yan is grand, but the two schools of Tuen Tian and School Books are similar. Ke Mingshi official, from Song Xianping to Xianchun, for three hundred years, always with Song Xiang. At the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty, the township was due to the King of Qin, and it was slightly cruel to suffer from military disasters. Following the robbery by mountain bandits, they haunt from time to time. If Liukeng is properly rushed, and there is no peaceful place to live in the township, it will be pacified after thirteen years. The return of the family is only one or two in ten. At that time, I was fortunate to have two or three old and seniors there, and I tried my best to move forward with poetry and books. Only the imperial examinations were prosperous, the latecomers competed for self-enhancement, and literature came out in large numbers, and eight or ninety people were taught outsiders. At the age of three, there are no less than twenty or thirty people who are more skilled. However, the fortunes of Shiding are bad, the rich are defeated by vigorous lawsuits, and the poor have no place of excellence. However, the ancestors of Lai Yu Ze have not yet died, and the neighbors of the hometown have become rich and immigrated to this place. Yuanzheng was not defined, chaos began in Huaidian, and Imchen spread to Jiangxi. With the theory of making the rich and the poor, inciting the ignorant people, they follow it, and the place is flocking. The Duwu people advocate righteous soldiers to protect one side, and the bandits do not dare to violate the border for several years. In Bingshenchun, the wealthy neighbors always held injustice, and the unruly people gathered in groups as minions, enticing the neighbors to help, and resisting our tribe. After months of refusal, officials did not come to help. Outnumbered, they rushed in and out, and the old and the weak were invincible. The young and the elders are scattered in the four directions, wandering and swaying, and those who are more willing to follow the customs, they are all self-sufficient in their up and downs, waiting for the clearness of the time. Jiachen, the soldiers of the heavens marched south, and gave their heads to the wicked. Yisi, the beginning of the restoration of our nation's clan, all shoveled and swept away the gravel, in order to build Juejue residence. In a few years, the string song is better than the house. Cultivation is the promotion of ancestral halls to honor the ancestors. The country's auxiliary house is considered the foundation of the ancestral hall. The people of the family Xian contributed to support his expenses, and Qingshun made his appearance with the second. So the living god has a house, and the group worship has something. On the day of the autumn worship, there was one person in the kitchen, and several hundred people gathered together. Worldly events, the township is called Yan. During the Hongwu period of 1911, the imperial edict selected three scholars from all over the world, and three people were selected by the clan and were awarded the title of the state and county. There are also two people who have been recommended as spring officials by Jinshi. Clothes and cultural relics, refusing to restore the old. Xin Weidong, the patriarch Yongheng was the world, and Qingshun was the main ancestral temple. Losing his true character with official burials, considering that the expenses are not enough, he quit ancestral affairs. Ren Shenchun, Qingshun passed away again, his second nephew Tingchun and Zongwen. While Tingchun lives in Donglu, Zong Wenchong
The government teachings are all separated and difficult to inherit. Therefore, the clan members made plans and said that the ancestral hall has been in ruins for a long time, and it is suitable to build the Four Ancestor Mountains, and there has been a lack of managers for a long time. Then he worked hard every day and repaired the ancestral house. Still the congregation asked along the mountain to find out the names of the people who bought the mountain and buried them privately. The officials who litigated were all overwhelmed by the wind, and they all returned with the original purchase deed. Wherever the deed is five pieces of paper, the lease is three pieces of paper. Criticize the thorns of the deeds returned by the generals, and write down the reasons for them, and keep them as a warning for later. After still attaching the Statute of Autumn Ceremony, the head of the sacrifice was handed over to him. On the occasion of the autumn worship, and when the phase is handed over, it will be revealed to the public, so that you can abide by the past. Woohoo! The ancestors built the tombs and mountains, so that their descendants would not lose it, not to be invaded by different surnames, how could it be just for the sake of their descendants? Ear! I don't know if a family has lived here for more than five hundred years, and the ancestral tomb is nearby, and there are other tombs of his surname mixed in the middle. Now, once it is written and sold to someone, he will manage the property by virtue of the contract, hand over the cloth for planting and bury it in it. Decades later, the trees are lush and the graves are full. People who see it will refer to the day when it is called: "This is the ancestral grave of a certain surname." My children and grandchildren hang up every year, climb the ruins and look at them, I would rather not feel ashamed! Besides, since ancient times, there is no invincible family in the world. In the future, if there is a grandson who cannot stand on his own, he will turn to others and beg for a burial place. What a shame!

The 25th year of Hongwu, the 15th generation of Sun Shangjinzhi

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