Dong's Great Ancestral Hall

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2018-11-09 15:57

A little quote from the treaty:
It has been a long time since Dong's great ancestral hall established its ancestral son. The temple has Yau Xing, and they all follow the patriarchal law. Fourteen articles are opened later, all of which are matters in the patriarchal law. I hereby declare that we will abide by it. There are more than 120 people from the clan, divided into six classes, who take turns in charge of each month according to the rules. Together they climbed all the zizi, and hung the wall of the temple, and used an edict to come. Those who do not comply will be punished according to the investigation by the steward clan Yan.
According to the Sunnah: every quarter of the new moon and the sun, the emperor's sacred edict and the statue of Confucius are hung in the shrine. The old and young of the family and the stewards of the sixth class gathered under the ancestral hall. The worshipers sing first, and then they will perform five salutations, three kowtows, and four salutations. After finishing the singing, the teams in different classes announced six sentences: "filial piety to your parents, respect your superiors, harmonize with your village, teach your children and grandchildren, and each one's health and well-being, and do nothing wrong." After finishing, recite the first chapter of "University". Finish, serve tea. When Ban Siwen, citing one or two of the scriptures, invented it, and the ancient people were filial to the facts, and they were the first and second paragraphs of the good yin. Once again, he explained how each person's daily life practice is like, how is filial piety and friends, how is righteousness and interest, and how is ethics. Discuss with an open mind, persuade each other with virtue and conduct, and follow rules for faults.
Serving and Serving: There are fields for rent, and there are dings who serve in the past, and they are also offered to the lower ones. Dong's Dingliang has a fixed book, which accepts the grain difference according to the book, and responds to each other, and it is easy to do without labor. Recently, I don't know why Tujia's placement is doing the work for me. I have no sympathy for him, but instead, I have to bear it. I am a victim of others, and they are also my fault. The calamity of the catfish has been clearly marked. If one person takes one person to pay one person's food shortage, even a poor and lowly family can take it and give it; if one person is used to cover ten armors of food, although a rich and noble family inherits it, it is not enough. How can people take the ease of accepting and accepting, rather than the heavy disaster of paying? If there are people who hide from the bad food and delay the burden, they will be on duty every month, and they will work together to attack. In light cases, the patriarchal law will be investigated, and in severe cases, the official law will be punished to police the future.
Chongli Religion: The ancestors established the religion with rituals, and there are old chapters for the wedding ceremony and funeral. Although the practice cannot be exhausted, my family has passed down the practice and is quite organized. Only on the wedding day, the patriarchal law is strictly enforced. Unworthy descendants, greedy for profit and enduring shame, marrying men and women with small surnames, humiliating themselves and humiliating their ancestors! In addition to the past, from now on, I will take pictures of the surnames of the middle-aged people in the township opened by this ancestral hall, and I will share with all the innocent and respectful families. The rich get married. Dare to be listed, be obedient and make a law, as usual, fined ten taels of silver, and still follow the dethronement of the clan. At the time of their appointment, some only accepted the golden ring paper, and those who did not compare with the appointment ceremony were the best. Next, take eight liang, pick up liang, and then pick up five lu liang, up to twenty liang, and Duanzhuo tea fruit is appropriate. When it comes to getting married, it is the middle way, if the equipment is abundant, and the thickness of the fold is just as appropriate. My director neither blames others, forgives the relatives in the four quarters nor blames me. If you ask for too many gifts when you are engaged in betrothal marriage, if you ask for too much at the end of your marriage, if you are a little unhappy, the two families will become at odds. Another festival is held, which is still prosperous in the near future. Although it is thick, it is inevitable. From the large ancestral halls to the small sects, the killing of animals is mostly wasteful and useless. Consider the amount, enjoy the gods and disperse the corpse, and have a little surplus, which is accumulated as a righteous storehouse, and will be scattered in time. The common people are blessed by it, and the rich and the poor are suitable for their own use. Ritual and other things, as usual. The festival is established, and no difference is allowed. Zongzi and Fenxian are in the government inner hall. Those who have a life of honor, stand up and dedicate themselves to officials. Supervisors and staff. In the Dunmu Hall, in the order of Zhaomu, there are mixed and vietnamese people who will be reprimanded and punished. In another section of the funeral, the tombs of Qiu are in different distances, and each of them is erected with a stele to hang forever. There are those who are buried with distant ancestors, and it is publicly proposed that they be attached to the fields. Dare to steal the burial privately, such as changing the law and negotiating punishment. Between the strong and the strong, the feng shui of the weak sect, the joint efforts to move and heavy punishment, to be honest and to be less vulgar. Those who are not buried are exposed, and they are treated as unfilial.
Dun and frugal: The ancestors started with frugality, and they did good and bad salutes without spending a lot of money. The first mourning, fasting, and funeral rituals, saying that there is no family. A guest visit, a piece of paper with a common name. Where there is a seat, one seat, five fruits, five dishes and three soups, without inserts, are shared by three people. There are no carvings or paintings in the palace, no Luo Qi in clothes, and no abnormal food and beverages, all of which have ancient meanings. Recently, the mourners have set up wine and drinking, and guests are welcome to banquets, or dozens of soups. Use big red for invitations, or one red post per person. Therefore, it is acceptable to serve as a guest in the official residence, so it is extravagant to treat relatives and friends in the village! When you go to the living room, you will see gold and blue carvings, beautiful clothes, and exotic food. From now on, the joint plus austerity. In funerals, it is forbidden to scatter silk, and other than fruits and vegetables in bincakes, pancakes and fried fruits are not used. The clothes in the virtual room are still in Park. A total of thrifty, to retro road. The people of the barren land in Jiangyou, my sect, are especially densely populated and narrow, and it is very difficult to benefit. If you don’t pay attention, how can you live? Read it! Read it!
Guangshui: The original old and new sacrificial fields in this shrine are only for Zudou, which can be supplemented and expanded together. The original three hundred and eighty-four hills and mountains have been abandoned for a long time, and they have been added to the mouth to collect funds for worship. There are two to ten items such as sacrifice fields and ancestral foundations, all of which enter the Changyi Hall. Recently, there are those who are willing to help Dingliang, base houses, gardens, stone lions, sleeping doors, shrines, copper incense burners, vases, tin jue, etc. Those who go out of office have a share of the salary to help the sacrifice, and the day of the sacrifice is given to Xun Cun. If you have a crown and don't waste alcohol on your birthday, and you are willing to give money to help the temple, and men and women who hire silver three-five points to report to the temple, the class will still check them as usual. The original Yingu punishment, all of them must be recorded in the book box, and the number of cashiers should be clear. Accounting is not too complicated in "Zhou Li", and "University" is not tired of preparing for making money. Those in charge of temple affairs should pay attention to each other.
Relief from competition: There are many people in this clan, and there is no competition in the marriage of fields and households. If you can humbly observe the truth, hold it with restraint, then what will happen? Or a word of anger, death and relatives. There are those who drink and eat well, there are those who slander the respected relatives, and there are those who often fight each other and refuse. When a family is in trouble, there are people who help each other in a group. Because of A, let A pull B. In general, there are abusers. Even small accusations are made thickly, or slanderous books are fabricated, openly and secretly exposed, and those who are injured by the pictures are there. These are all contempt for the righteousness of the thieves, and they may end up killing themselves and losing their families. They are not tolerated by the laws of the country, and they are also the sinners of the ancestors. Can you not be afraid?! Can you not be vigilant?! In the future, there will be competitors in the clan, and Xu Tou will be public in the class month by month. Those who are right are straight, those who are wrong are punished according to the rules, and they are not allowed to disturb the government. There are those who take advantage of the situation, do not listen to the middle, and make false accusations. However, in recent times, the persuaders have not been able to measure the wealth and strength of the two families, and only regard the abundance of wine and food as a respect, so they make the right and wrong not white, and it is very contemptible to spend the time! , only make the two companies jointly pay the public expenses, and count the number of people in the class, one person per day, and the approximate fee is one or two cents. Such as ten people, only one or two dollars, so don't waste it. Even if there is a failure in the work, it is not allowed to instigate favoritism, self-repentance and heavy punishment.
Accumulate yin virtues: Those who are yin virtues practice good ways without letting people know them. Such as daily practice, with good intentions, do good deeds. Seeing that there is goodness in people, if it has been brought out, I am afraid that there will be no end to it. Although it is inexhaustible, it is also known as the Tao, and I dare not hide its goodness. If you see evil in people, if you are tired of it, you are afraid that you will not be able to correct it. Although it can’t be changed, it’s also tolerant of it, and I don’t dare to be jealous of its evil. If you don't want it, you don't dare to give it to others; if you want it, you don't dare to take it away from yourself. Rescue the poor and pity the poor, give generously but take little. Or when a person suffers from a disaster of water, fire and thieves, he saves him because of the danger, and he takes it when it is unfavorable. Or borrowing from the neighbors, not paying attention to the interest and trapping them. That is, to sympathize with each other in adversity and to support each other in disease, both are yin virtues. Don't take this as a small good and not do it, and if you accumulate it again, it is the ultimate good. Henceforth: Not accumulating good deeds is not enough to become famous. Recently, there has been a kind of repeated danger, which is confusing right and wrong. If it is big, it will cause people to quarrel, and if it is small, it will cause people to waste food and drink, and even ruin wealth and family. There is another kind of private messenger, to deceive merchants. To lure the ignorant and swallow up the industry. Or big scales and small buckets, or taking too many and few putting them away, or smearing and sending them away, all are not yin virtues. Don't take this as a small evil and not change it, and if you accumulate it again, it will become a great evil. Henceforth: Not accumulating evil is not enough to destroy the body. Between righteousness and profit, the division between Shunzhi and Zhi, is really here. Since ancient times, sages have only worked hard here. As far as my ancestors are concerned, those who can understand this will be prosperous; those who cannot understand this will all perish. The traces of survival and death have always been expeditions; Don't give up! Don't reluctantly!
Shan Yimou: Mencius Day: A gentleman's entrepreneurial succession is a successor, and he can accumulate merit and benevolence. The habits of later generations are different. To buy land and build a house is the merit of entrepreneurship, and to establish a prestige and power is the benevolence of the system. Little do they know that those who buy land and build a house may be deceived by scheming and deceive, and the worldly people regard them as meritorious, but the gentleman thinks that they have great merit; The veins of the ancestors were killed, and the misfortune of the adopted children and grandchildren was the next. Although it is impossible to delay a temporary plan, what about future generations? Gu our party takes the ancient gentleman as the law, and takes the evil customs of today as the precept. Otherwise, why the Great Wall of the Wanli only passed on the business of the second generation, and one man's strength was the eldest son of the eight hundred? For those who want to make plans for their children and grandchildren, Xu also thinks this is to persuade and punish.
Xiuwubei: My family moved from Situ Gong to Liukeng, which is known as a paradise without warning. Since Duke Zao took the martial arts test, there has been a martial artist in the world, but it has gradually become obsolete. Let the three fields of walking arrow, horse arrow, and argumentation be familiar, and enterprising in time, so as to carry on the work of the predecessors. Secondly, after the harvest of each year, each house selects the children of the righteous and brave, and the public makes an effort to invite teachers, repair military equipment, and practice martial arts, as a local defense. Those who have lived in peace for a long time, the rogues from Fujian and Guangxi have long and deep, as if there is no one at the bottom, sitting without knowing the ears of soldiers. Now, if you make your children know the soldiers, the big ones will defend the country and the people, and the small ones will protect the family, so why worry about big robbers? In the middle, there may be small robbery incidents. There are also children who go out for a long time and do not return, or who do unscrupulous acts, each room is strictly investigated according to the ten-house card law, and their entry and exit are strictly guarded. If this room knows about it and does not report it, the incident will be the same as the perpetrator.
Diligent Occupation: Between the world in life, there is no one who cannot support himself. Therefore, the business of the scholars and the people is self-sufficient. If you leave it, then you will be eating vagabonds, and it will be forbidden by the law of the king. Scholars are first in morality, so farming crops, building fish and salt has not been a waste of business, nor has it been a waste of sage. Therefore, scholars are good people, and the people are good people. My sect's people were born smart and handsome, and they took reading and doing business as their business; those who were born with quality and ruthlessness, made fish and salt by harvesting. Everyone seeks physiology, and they are not allowed to sit and eat. They are Xu, Li, Yahua, and prostitutes. Those who have tarnished their predecessors are stubborn and unwilling, and they are determined to excommunicate the clan. Those who study for a living, or assist in litigation to go out and go out of the public gate, have filthy conduct; those who are rogues, or those who are greedy and corrupt, and who laugh at the country, will be shamed for life, and will not be allowed to shrine.
Duanmeng Yang: Outside the temple is a building, with the inscription "Yu Xian". There are five syllables in a row, with the east school on the left and the west school on the right, with four syllables in each room. Every year, the senior Yanwen Yiyou is the teacher of career, and the person who practices friendship is the teacher of Tong Meng. Select the wise and handsome of the children of the clan, and teach them in a group. Those who are not mature enough to teach songs, poems and rituals to cultivate their temperament; those who are mature enough to take exams in Zhongshuo three times a season to test their further studies. The common man is virtuous, and the boy is made.
Zongzheng Xue: Learning takes Confucius as the ancestor. In his later years, Confucius passed on Zeng Ziri in "The Great Learning": Mingde, closeness to the people, and good knowledge are the entry point. Peace and tranquility and consideration of things are the reality, and knowledge and understanding of things are real achievements. Self-cultivation and establishment of this book are the starting point for knowing and examining things. Knowing this and being honest and sincere, the foundation is established and the virtue is clear. Knowing this, the family will be regulated, the country will be governed, the world will be pacified, and the people will be close to each other. Knowing this and knowing the fundamental knowledge is the best, and the virtue and the people are the best. From the Son of Heaven down to the common people, once this is the sect, it is consistent from the beginning and the end, and there is no lingering accumulation of positive learning. Sui has been asking questions about the teaching of this school and Dacheng for a long time, and he has reiterated it in the three halls of Dunmu, Daoyuan, and Zongyuan, and hopes to discuss this together with Zongyan. The Thirteen Rules of Xueming were written, and the great ancestral hall of the Dong family was particularly bright.
Forbidding evil witches: Chu people are still ghosts, and it has been true since ancient times. Women are wise and humble, and they are still delighted with the gods and blessings. I don't know that other people's failures are not due to this. The way of ghosts prevails, and the way of humanity declines, it is natural. In addition, it is forbidden to practice witchcraft and sorcery, and the law has clear rules, so dare to violate it? In addition, such as super-recommended practice, chant scriptures, repent of sins, and mantras, etc., all prohibitions. The monks and the Tao are different, and they are not allowed to come to the door for no reason.
Prohibition of servants and tenants: Master and servant are good and humble, and the separation of meanings is clear, how can we allow arrogance! Recently, the wind will sneak in, the master, or rely on it as a claws, let it bully relatives; for servants, or listen to traitors, Dare to resist the landlord with negative rent, you will not lose your tail. In the end, the head and feet are held upside down, which is appropriate for a non-proprietary and righteous family. There are many servants in my sect, and each of them should be decreed by etiquette, so that they can work peacefully and happily. If there is an unreasonable affair, rudeness to the sect, offense to relatives, and personal instigation, false accusations, such as what Xiao Yue has done recently, must be punished. Make it provincial and reform, without the protection of the party, to lengthen the ranks, and those who violate it will be severely punished. There are strong slaves and servants, who are domineering and domineering, and those who cannot be controlled by their masters are brought to the shrine by Xu's head, and the public will be treated together.
Sequence of regulations of Dong's Great Ancestral Hall
I gave the Dong family the discipline of Guangchuan, and the Shu family has been around for a long time. Guangchuan Gongri: "It is a friendship that does not seek its benefits, and it is clear that its Tao does not count its merits." The great discipline of this discipline is also connected with the veins of Yao, Shun and Confucius, and the biography of Lu Shao, Zhou Cheng, and Zhou Cheng. Is the Zhishu family over? From the time of the Song Dynasty, there were ancestors who were distinguished by the names of subjects, and some who were authors of morality. As for the present eight hundred years, and its stillness is still in its infancy, it is all due to morality, righteousness, and discipline. In the past, Wen Zhenggong prefaced the family of Dong’s family and used his words, meritorious deeds, and morality to encourage him. How can it be unreasonable and cloudy? This world is far away and although the charm is still there, but the practice is long and the discipline is slack, is it not possible to use the outline and dimension? Fortunately, the ancestral hall was re-established, and the regulations of the ancestral hall were re-established to order the people of the tribe. However, I was afraid that it would be impossible to do without the law of their own people, so they would meet the patriarch, the sons of the clan, the eunuchs, and the Confucian scholars. There are 14 articles in the statutes, and the general idea is to respect the Sunnah and Ming Shengxue. Those who can obey the statute in the middle will be commended for their goodness; those who violate the rules will be punished as usual, and the period will be returned to justice. The treaty contained in it is not a private one. The distant imitation of the near mining, according to the past and the present, are all in line with human feelings and changes. Of course, it is based on the rules of the Wang clan in Xin'an, but it does not exceed the rules of Guangchuan Daoyi. Discussing the day: Take Taoism and friendship as a matter, not mixed with utilitarian selfishness, and the family of giving is also a small Kanger. Yuri: The family is difficult and the world is easy. From a well-off society to a great harmony, the king's way is interesting! Fortunately, it is not overlooked.

First written by Sun Suidun of the 22nd generation of the 22nd generation of auspiciousness in the second year of Wanli

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