Zhangmukeng ban

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2018-11-09 15:57

In order to make a contract to prohibit the mountains and forests, put an end to the harm, and use the resources to make a living: the mountains in Zhangmukeng, Xiaodai, etc., are produced by my house, and they are actually the birthplace of public and private daily use. The ancestors planted and cultivated all the pine, fir, and tea trees, which were originally the place where the descendants lived. Every year, they go into the mountains to pick tea, and share the room with them. Or in the event of a major project, the cedar tree is selected for sale, which is quite worthy of use. It is the beauty of nature to build land where it is suitable, without dung or tillage, and it can grow in the dark. I am especially afraid that the axe will be heavy from time to time, and once it is cut down, the sprout and tiller will not be able to survive. Why is the arched handle so large? One person makes a figurative figure, and everyone else does the same. If there is also no prohibition on taking it, then it will lose one day every day, and gradually it will become a wasteland. How can it be taken for public use? I don’t think that the ancestral temples will lose their trust, and in the future, due to official business, it will inevitably be difficult to avoid all worries. In this case, it's easy to see what is in front of the eyes of your generation, and the daily gain is only a little bit. Once you are punished, the loss is more than ten times? In addition to harvesting firewood, if anyone steals a tree branch or a tree, once caught, the stolen offender will be arrested and taken to the shrine and punished separately. Witnessing and reporting the letter, that is, remembering merit and rewarding. If he is present and sees it, his affection is hidden, and he intends to obey, and he will be punished as one. If you dare to kill again and again, despise the law, deceive your respect, and resist, you will be punished and punished immediately, and you will not be allowed to share the wood for life. If the elders over 50 commit the crime because of their old age, in addition to the negotiated fines, they will be plucked for the sacrifice of good and bad wine and meat, and they will not be allowed to enter the shrine for life. All forces attack together, never give up. From now on, we should encourage each other. Or if there is a child who is stubborn, the father and brother need to be admonished at ordinary times, so as not to be eclipsed by the temple. It's still a matter of compliance with the previous proposal, and there is no need to regret it. hereby notified.

The nineteenth year of Daoguang, the winter month of Jihai, the day-to-day housing public

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In order to implement the spirit of Premier Li Keqiang's important instructions on accepting complaints about various issues and strengthening supervision over government services, the General Office of the State Council has opened the "National Government Service Complaints and Suggestions" mini-program from September 20 to widely receive complaints from all walks of life about government services. questions and suggestions.



Announcement on Adjusting the Ticket Price of Liukeng Scenic Spot

In order to implement the "Guiding Opinions of the National Development and Reform Commission on Improving the Ticket Price Formation Mechanism for State-owned Scenic Spots and Lowering the Ticket Prices of Key State-owned Scenic Spots", the document No. 951 [2018] of the Development and Reform Commission, from September 30, 2018, Liukeng Scenic Spot Tickets The price has been reduced, from the original ticket price of 60 yuan/person to 50 yuan/person.



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Liukeng Administration further strengthens village renovation efforts

1. Environmental sanitation: The Liukeng scenic spot is divided into four working areas, and the environmental sanitation in each area is investigated in detail; the sanitary dead corners in the village are thoroughly cleaned; the open spaces on both sides of the entrance to the village are leveled, and masonry walls are adopted. Or paving cultural stone to build it; repairing the fine line pavement, so that the comprehensive environment of the entire scenic spot has undergone better changes.