Yangzheng Association Books and Statutes

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2018-11-09 15:56

Gai Wen has received the sacred merits of nourishment, and it occupies the Great Yi; there are no Dun and fashionable scholars, which can be seen in Fengshi. It is also known that talents and education are inherently in need of each other. My school started from the fourth generation ancestor Dabao Chungong with Kejia, and after that, it also rose to the top. Divided into my room, since the Ming Dynasty, it has been changed for more than a dozen people in the world, only one person who has obtained the Ming Jingjing, and there are not many people who are listed in the Hong Kong Palace. The origin of Kuijue, how can people be alone in my room? Mostly because of cold and instigation. As a result, Zhu Xian Da Zhu Gong Yu Sheng, Jie Qi, Jun Min, Jun Wen, Jun Cong and others discussed together for a day: The rise of talents from the field is due to education, and the preparation of education is stored in the accumulation. Yuanxiao set the armpit rules, and the gold stood up for a while, and the name was "yangzheng". The annual sign is fair, honest and competent, who are responsible for their affairs, born and planted, and expanded and filled. A total of a few taels of silver for the sons and mothers were acquired, and they bought a low-cost farmhouse in the fifty-one capitals, one for three clothes, and three hundred odd farm rents in the morning and evening. And after entering one room, there is no rich or poor, no small or large, and Xian can get money. In the play! Si Ju also, above to inherit the first. The following is the beginning of the post, the first to reach it is a great contribution! Cover the support and teach it, and teach it and become virtuous. I will see that in the future, Wei Ke will be promoted, and Gao Di will be promoted.
At that time, the sixth year of Emperor Daoguang of the Qing Dynasty, the age of Meng Xiayue, the grandson of the thirtieth generation, the grand family, Huai, was acquainted
Details of the Yangzheng Society Regulations are set out below:
Mengguan: Six hundred yuan will be given to the students.
Jingguan: Give students two thousand texts. Those who haven't taken the exam or start a lecture will only be given money of one thousand yuan.
Sub-course: Give the student a thousand wen.
County Exam: 200 wen will be paid for the first round, and 100 wen will be added for each re-examination. The birth children go to the examination and screening, each with 300 credits.
Prefectural Exam: One thousand dollars will be given in the first round, and the re-examination will be the same as that of the county.
Taoist test: One thousand wen was given in the first session, and another 200 wen was given to the archaeologists.
Shuangguigong (ancestral temple): Those who enter the pan enjoy the money of 30,000 yuan, and those who make up the temple are the same. The tribute payers 35,000 texts, and a plaque is included. If it goes up again, it will be discussed separately.
Duke Qicheng (Ancestral Hall): Those who have taken the entrance examination for the scripture library will be given 500 essays each, the sub-class will be given 200 essays, the first round of the county exam will be 200 essays, and each re-examination will be given 100 essays. In the first round of the prefectural examination, five hundred essays were given, and the re-examination followed the county examination style. The Taoist test will give you 500 wen, and the archaeologist will pay 200 wen. People Panxi 20,000 yuan in money, and those who can make up for it follow the pattern. One thousand and one hundred texts in the township test. If the county government can commit the crime, they will be rewarded with 4,000 wen, and the tenth will give 1,000 wen.
Shao Xinggong (shrine): each according to the Kaicheng formula.
Bo Zhanggong (ancestral temple): 200 essays for the first round of the county test, and 100 essays for the second test. One thousand texts for the government test, one thousand texts for the Taoist test, two hundred texts for archaeology, and thirty thousand texts for foreign gratification. The ten criminals followed the Keisei formula. 
When the genealogy was revised in the year of Guangxu Gengyin, there was a lot of cold and instigation in the public meeting room, because the original paragraph was slightly increased by a number, and it was difficult for the Shuanggui Temple to make ends meet. If there is enough money in the future, it is advisable to add as many as possible, so as to encourage talents.

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