The genealogy of the Dong clan in Yungai Township

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2018-11-09 15:56

Tang changed Linchuan County to Fuzhou. Its territory is as wide as that of Hong, Ji, and Gan, and its reputation for cultural relics is the highest in the west to the south of the Great River. During the three hundred years of the Song Dynasty, a family of Confucian officials flourished, and the five surnames Le, Zeng, Wang, Cai and Yan were the first. The most prestigious titles are Wang, Zeng and Yan, followed by Le and Cai. Zeng, Cai, and Yan are the most famous, followed by Wang and Le. The director of Le'an Yungai Township, in terms of the name of his department, is more than Zeng, Cai and Yan; the nobility of the school is also higher than that of Le and Cai. And the commentators don't think of the five surnames in Fu, what is it? Before the Song Nandu, when Dong Ji was prosperous, it was still affiliated to Ji. In the middle age of Shaoxing, Fu added the county of Le'an, and began to subordinate Yungai Township of Jizhi to Fu, so that the Dong family was the subject of Fu. It has been a long time since Dong's clerical Fu today! Then we are still talking about the family of Fu's family, who can leave the Dong clan? His younger brother, Tiantai, held it to show him, and Yu then explained the prosperity of the Dong family. Each tribute year, and the recommended name or seven or six, or five or four. From Yimao in the eighth year of Xiangfu to Xinwei in the seventh year of Xianchun, nearly 30 people were recruited into the soil department. As far as the six clans are concerned, the public officials are not in a relationship with each other, and there is no shortage of people who are engaged in poetry and chapters today. Although in the past Jin Fan Yao had a family history of thousands and hundreds of years, Lu Shu and Sun Bao thought that the surname and the surname would be guaranteed, and the sacrifices would be endless, not as immortal as virtue, meritoriousness, and speech. The Confucian officials and officials of the six clans are all, but only the Nanfeng Zeng clan and the Jing Wang clan can follow suit. If the descendants of the Dong family can make meritorious deeds, their immortality will be merged with Yan Min of Confucius, Da Zhao of Zhou Shi, Yi Fu of Shang, and Gao of Tang Yu. Its virtues and merits are established, and I look down upon the words of Zeng and Wang Ershi, and they are not expensive. And beyond the five clans, there are those who are outside the title of Keming, the descendant of the Dong family, Qi Maozai!

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