Dong's new musical sequence

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2018-11-09 15:56

Before the Le'an Dong family, they lived in Linchuan to expand the source, and the tomb of the ruins was in Huangshan Temple. To the gift of Situ Gonghe, when the five seasons began to open, they began to move to Liukeng. At that time, it belonged to Luling, and it was called the Luling School. Brother Han still lives in Yihuang, and is called the Beiyuan School. Brother Quan moved to Poyang, called Dexing School. The original score was engraved in Song Dynasty, with Situ as the first ancestor. To Yuan Bingwu, Qingshi continued to repair it, and the army was in chaos and abolished. Yisi, the magistrate and the county magistrate are still grooming it. Hongwu Bingzi, published again with Guilin, where there are sixteen generations, it is an old record. Chenghua Bingwu, when the imperial censor was looking at the new style of Yang Gong in Dongli, the Guilin faction was first cultivated. Zhengde Xinwei. Like following the school book. Jiajing Xinmao, Run et al. re-edited the reasoning, all twenty have six generations, it is a new spectrum. Dong Shengsui came from Nangong to study the mountain house, and took all the students to look at it. Looking at the ancestral records of his genealogy, from Wu Wenzheng to Yu Wenjing and Jie Wen'an, as for Shuangjiang Niezi and Nanye Ouyangzi, they say that their disciplines and regulations are prosperous! Look at Dengwulue, Tongjing, and virtuous people. His department is well-known! Looking at the picture of the dress and the crown, there are more than 70 people from the supervisory town and supervisory affairs to the county and county supervisors, and more than 30 people from the supervisory field, the supervisory hospital to the Taijingqing supervisor, and the founder of the country. The second man is said to have a high title! Looking at the picture of Liukeng landscape, four are house signs, five are Chuo wedges, four are academies, and the houses are arranged like a row upon row, which is said to have a strong atmosphere. Looking at the picture of the new temple, for the protection of teachers, for Kuiyuan, for chasing distance, for filial piety, for cultivating virtuous people, for sacrificing stu- The picture in the picture was presented by Situ Sheng as a gift to Sikong Zhen, who are the four major schools of French Wenguang, Tuntian Wenzhao, Xianshu Wenhuang, and Taoist Wenheng. Mingfa is born. Tuen Tian Sheng Jie Yuan Zi, Zhi Fang Yuan, and Da Bao Chun. School scholars Guang Luqi and Cha Tuizhu. Taoist students know the county Ting. For the seven small factions. After six hundred years, more than tens of thousands of people have gathered together, and it is said that the family is prosperous! Dong Guozi said: This is only prosperous, but also difficult! If you recite the rules of the teaching, you will think about why you practice it; honor the name of the subject. If you enjoy the title, you will think about the establishment; if you protect the mountains and rivers, you will think about the glory; if you worship him, you will think about the love and respect; if you associate with the sect, you will think about the harmony. Compile it; if you renounce his worldly business, then think about why you should not replace it. Think about its difficulties and plan for its prosperity, and prosperity is forever boundless. In the preface of Zhenggong in the past, it was straight to "establish virtue, meritorious deeds, and establish words" as Dong's motto, which is the principle of the three standings. The shrewdness of conscience is originally from the grand public, and it is originally self-compliant, and it is not mixed with selfishness and wisdom. Accumulate it as virtue, send it out as deeds, and declare it as words. Virtue is unclear, and if you seek more than power and strategy, then your merits are like managing a businessman, your words are like Qu Song, and a gentleman can't help you.

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The General Office of the State Council has opened the "National Government Service Complaints and Suggestions" applet to widely receive clues and suggestions on government service issues

In order to implement the spirit of Premier Li Keqiang's important instructions on accepting complaints about various issues and strengthening supervision over government services, the General Office of the State Council has opened the "National Government Service Complaints and Suggestions" mini-program from September 20 to widely receive complaints from all walks of life about government services. questions and suggestions.



Announcement on Adjusting the Ticket Price of Liukeng Scenic Spot

In order to implement the "Guiding Opinions of the National Development and Reform Commission on Improving the Ticket Price Formation Mechanism for State-owned Scenic Spots and Lowering the Ticket Prices of Key State-owned Scenic Spots", the document No. 951 [2018] of the Development and Reform Commission, from September 30, 2018, Liukeng Scenic Spot Tickets The price has been reduced, from the original ticket price of 60 yuan/person to 50 yuan/person.



Liukeng Ancient Village was selected as the first batch of "Jiangxi Province Primary and Secondary School Students Research and Practice Education Base"

On August 14th, the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education officially announced the "Evaluation Results of the First Batch of Research and Practice Education Bases for Primary and Secondary School Students in Jiangxi Province" to name 64 units as the first batch of "Jiangxi Province Primary and Secondary School Students Research and Practice Education Bases", and Liukeng Ancient Village in Le'an was selected. .



Liukeng Administration further strengthens village renovation efforts

1. Environmental sanitation: The Liukeng scenic spot is divided into four working areas, and the environmental sanitation in each area is investigated in detail; the sanitary dead corners in the village are thoroughly cleaned; the open spaces on both sides of the entrance to the village are leveled, and masonry walls are adopted. Or paving cultural stone to build it; repairing the fine line pavement, so that the comprehensive environment of the entire scenic spot has undergone better changes.