An example of the genealogy of the Dong clan in the ten years of Wanli

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2018-11-09 15:55

Situ Gong gave birth to two sons: Chief Secretary Kongzhen, second magistrate of County Airlines. Delayed to the seventh generation, there is no biography, and it is passed on to Zhen. Zhen gave birth to four texts, saying: Mingfa Wenguang, Tuentian Wenzhao, Xianshu Wenhuang, and Taoist Wenheng. These four texts are the four schools. Mingfa gave birth to a child: it is already. Four sons were born in the field: Xie Yuanzi, Xiang, Zhi Fangyuan, Taibao Chun. There was no biography from Xiang to the tenth generation, but it was passed down to Zi, Yuan, and Chun. School scholar son two: Guang Luqi, Cha Tuizhu. The Taoist gave birth to two sons: the layman Qingyi and the magistrate Ting. The Qing Dynasty has not been passed down to the seventh generation, and it was passed down by Ting. Of these four major factions, the nine small factions are also based on the words of those who have no tradition. Those who cite its legends and have a long time to say, the Seven Little Pai Er. The descendants of the seven sects are fanned out, and they are mixed in one score, which is difficult to review. This spectrum is passed on to Hegong
For the beginning, the beginning of each series and the borders of each edition are composed of the four major seven small books. In Japan, "Ming Fazheng has sent a picture biography for the first few generations", and it is said that "Wen Zhaozi sent a picture biography for the first few generations", and the following are all true. The farther it hangs, the brighter the source is, and the readers who see the flow know the source.
Jiajing's new score, the fifth generation is cut off, and the sixth generation hangs his feet. In the sixth generation, the head was lifted by a person with a drooping foot, which was annoying. The name of the former figure VI's hanging feet is mentioned in this book, and it is mentioned at the head of the latter figure V, and the horizontal figure is a small book "the son of a certain age and a certain person". From the fifth generation to the hundreds of generations, it seems to be simple.
There are melons and vines in the old genealogy, and there are inevitably too many empty sheets under the legends. Today, I have changed the picture of the fifth generation, and the picture is in the Ming system; the fifth generation is passed down, and the details are passed down. If there are no details, no end, no succession, and few abbreviated words, it is still written in the picture, and it is not biography, and it is from the provincial covenant. The picture is concise and clear, the core is complete, and the matter is clear and there are few blanks. The postscript of the imperial censor Xuefeng is also in the postscript of the new spectrum. Xuefeng Gong has his ambition and has not yet achieved it, and today we will do it together. All the six or seven changes in the manuscript are completed, and the seven or eight changes in the cold and heat are followed by the transcription. It is easy to understand and can be used as a composer.
Xinpuyi's "Clothes and Crowns" is the "List of Names and Positions", also known as the Grand History of Law. Take the order of time as the order, and do not regard the honor and inferiority of the position as low. Those who were born in Kejia, Gongpi, Fengjian, military meritorious, and routine rafters were all honored by the court. Attached to the ancestral hall, those who are not ordered by the dynasty are not allowed to go with it: in the picture, it is to pass on the behavior and the succession of the rank and official, and it is also true. Outside there are five biography of Xiangxian, Yinyi, Chastity, Yiying, and Fangshu. Those who are written but not displayed, those who are chaste but not written, all infer from the public after their death, and they can be passed on to people. Those who show favoritism and act rashly will be expelled even if they enter.
Life, death, burial and marriage, all four weigh equally. And burial and marrying both are especially important. The spectrum contains graves, and the books are written in a certain place and a certain direction. If there is a record in the previous record, please follow the original record, and if there is no one, you must not increase it arbitrarily, in order to invade. Its light is bright, and there is no dispute with others. Those who have lost the previous genealogy are allowed to open another temple and find out the income. Violators will be severely punished and corrected. In the marriage section, my ancestor is strict. The family members and the innocence of the door, Fang Yucheng is faint. The woman records a certain clan from a certain place, and the female records a certain clan in a certain place, or writes a certain Weng and her husband together. There are people who are greedy for money and get married and take small surnames. The picture shows that this husband "did the family because he took a woman with a certain surname somewhere as his wife". Those who have children write "side rooms", and those who do not have children can't cut books. It is especially humiliating to have a female with a small surname. My parents deposed the clan, and the uncle and uncle who presided over the marriage also deposed the clan, and the pictures are like those who married women, and the biography is not included, and they are not allowed to enter the temple for life. As for Gulu, the latter is the least as good as his descendants, so he said it before compiling the score. Later, there were Fans who excommunicated the clan, and the foreign men still negotiated the punishment, and the women entered the temple after the betrothal gift. The matchmaker will be punished together.
The family members had no children in their early years, and they adopted the sons of the sect, and they had children in their later years. Although the adopted son is long, he is not allowed to inherit the ancestry, so it is clear that Qi is sparse and there is no dispute. There is a certain old man who has two sons, the eldest son Chengzong, unfortunately stopped. The second son has a biography of the successor, and the second son Ruosun of the successor is taken together, thinking that after the eldest son, the concubines will be destroyed. Or if there are brothers of the same ancestor who have ceased to exist and voluntarily adopt their own sons to succeed, they will also notify the parents of the house, and those who have no other disputes will be allowed to inherit. If Zhao Mu does not respond, and those who covet the property and take the lead, are not allowed to continue.
Zhangyi Temple, worshiping and assisting Yingu in the field to enter the temple, Jiaqi Shangyi respects the ancestors. No matter how many or small, the sacrifices are the same as before. From now on, there will be ten taels of silver, ten taels of land and land, and one person will be worshipped. Twenty are the same couple. Nearly each sect has Dingliang to help with silver to forty or fifty two, and they also push the sacrifice first. However, only one person is allowed to be with his wife, and no one is allowed to go by, and there will be no cases in the future.
The various schools of the old music have migrated to other places, or from far away, and have been unknown for a long time. Today, it is still written "to migrate somewhere" and "to supplement the army somewhere", and the word "stop" is not added lightly to show that it can be returned to the ancestry.
In the old records, it was called "Lang", and Tang Zong respected "Lang", and now it is called "Guan". The old score was called "Jieyuan", because there were solutions in the Tang and Song Dynasties, the Chinese style is often called "Jieyuan", not necessarily the first in all, this is because of this.
Jiajing was a soldier of Xin You, and many were scattered, and punishments have been negotiated. Those who lost and died for no reason were deposed. This spectrum is divided and collected, and the combination is more rigorous. On the first day of the autumn sacrifice every year, Zongzheng and Siwen, who are in charge of the temple, are inspected by the head of the sacrifice. Those who do not lose will be given to Xun, and those who lose will be punished. Those who have lost or died and those who have been sold are sacrificed and heard in the clan, they will be investigated and discussed, and the punishment will be dismissed. Day test use. Those who do not check the secret shall be punished for the same crime of disrespect.

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