A brief introduction to the new score of public housing

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2018-11-09 15:55

According to the Genealogy Jigong's "Shi Lue", from the Song and Yuan Dynasties to the Ming Dynasty, the genealogy has been cultivated in four or five years. It is called the original score, the old score, the new score, and the rebuilding of the new score. The so-called detailed and important, the appointment and the necessary, the preparation and the storage, the very good of the ancient and modern comprehension methods, this is also. However, since then, the larger the clan, the more numerous the people, and the difficulty in gathering.
The act of repairing took several hundred years. However, the division of each branch, or publication or writing, is nothing more than a great plan for the future. My father-in-law, Gong Gong, sent three branches, only to be pregnant with Qing Gong and not resettled. There are also three branches, which are called calm, pure, and indifferent. The old colleague wrote it in grass, and it was divided into three branches after the successor of Qianlong Gengzi. My ancestors calmly supported the public support, whether the Games were suitable, died, married and buried, and most of them missed the test. Gentlemen of the past have used deep worries in their lives, and they have lost their snares. , written for a while. When Yu Zi was about to tie his hair, the former monarch instructed earnestly, saying that this matter should be completed in the future. It is a middle-aged person, and for decades, he has been able to continue his ambitions, and he feels deeply guilty. Jiashen Xinzheng, the elder and the younger of the house with his younger brothers, re-established business affairs. The elders ordered the brothers to do their jobs and do their best. After reading the cold and heat, and now it is compiled into a confucius. In the end, the rubric of the scriptures is revered, although it is not comparable to the previous repairs, and the people who are poor are lucky and optimistic. Because I can't help feeling the aspirations of the former gentlemen, I would like to describe them briefly.

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The General Office of the State Council has opened the "National Government Service Complaints and Suggestions" applet to widely receive clues and suggestions on government service issues

In order to implement the spirit of Premier Li Keqiang's important instructions on accepting complaints about various issues and strengthening supervision over government services, the General Office of the State Council has opened the "National Government Service Complaints and Suggestions" mini-program from September 20 to widely receive complaints from all walks of life about government services. questions and suggestions.



Announcement on Adjusting the Ticket Price of Liukeng Scenic Spot

In order to implement the "Guiding Opinions of the National Development and Reform Commission on Improving the Ticket Price Formation Mechanism for State-owned Scenic Spots and Lowering the Ticket Prices of Key State-owned Scenic Spots", the document No. 951 [2018] of the Development and Reform Commission, from September 30, 2018, Liukeng Scenic Spot Tickets The price has been reduced, from the original ticket price of 60 yuan/person to 50 yuan/person.



Liukeng Ancient Village was selected as the first batch of "Jiangxi Province Primary and Secondary School Students Research and Practice Education Base"

On August 14th, the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education officially announced the "Evaluation Results of the First Batch of Research and Practice Education Bases for Primary and Secondary School Students in Jiangxi Province" to name 64 units as the first batch of "Jiangxi Province Primary and Secondary School Students Research and Practice Education Bases", and Liukeng Ancient Village in Le'an was selected. .



Liukeng Administration further strengthens village renovation efforts

1. Environmental sanitation: The Liukeng scenic spot is divided into four working areas, and the environmental sanitation in each area is investigated in detail; the sanitary dead corners in the village are thoroughly cleaned; the open spaces on both sides of the entrance to the village are leveled, and masonry walls are adopted. Or paving cultural stone to build it; repairing the fine line pavement, so that the comprehensive environment of the entire scenic spot has undergone better changes.