In the 26th year of Wanli, Wuwang Temple made a donation to the gods

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2018-11-09 15:55

In the year of Bingwu, the temple was rebuilt and the name was helpful:
One move, Shi Lu, Yi Xian, Shi Yu, and Yizheng each helped one tael of silver.
Shaokou helps Yinlu money.
Qizhi, Yifeng, Yimin, Shizeng, Shikong, Yingxuan, Shikou, Shikou, Shaodong, Shaoshengge
Help Yinwu money. 
One blessing helps four money.
One expensive and one teacher each help three money and five cents.
Shi Zhou, Shi Zhen, Jiu Xiang, and Shi Shi each contributed three coins.
Wen Yao, one each with two money and five points.
Jingyi, Qichen, Qimei, Yuntun, Yiliang, Shitao, Yizhen, Shiwu, Shisu, Yingzhao, and Kouheng each helped with the second money. Shi Xun helps two money five cents.
Qizan Gong, Ruchuan, Rulong, Rulin, Yichang, Shige, Yijun, Jizu, Yishun, Yijing, Yiyan, Shitai, and Yimei each contributed one coin and five points.
With Chang and Shiwen each assisting with two points of silver and silver. 
Respect, Yiyu, Yifeng, Yiqing, Yiqi, Yunsheng, Yisheng, Yiyi, Yiqing, Yiya, Yi
Hui, Yi Xin, Yi Gao, Shi Cai, Shi Quan, Shi Kou, Zhao Zu, Yi Zhao, Yi Zhong, Yi Xuan, Yi He, Yi
Yi, Shixian, Yu Gong, Wenqiao, Zonghu, Shaomei, Shaopu, Kunheng, Fuheng, Shiqiao, Yingdian, Rong
Heng, Ju'an, and Shouren each helped one Qianzheng. 
One Yu and One Good will contribute four cents of silver and one coin.
Qijian, Yisheng, Yiheng, Zongyang, Yisheng, Yishan, Yinggui, Yizhou, and Youheng each helped out. 
Gong Jingshan helped the silver three and two positives.
Heng Suo Gong helped Yin Yi Liang Wu Qian.
Maofang Gong contributed four coins to the silver.
Under the throne of Duke Zhang, he was in the middle position of the Ling Palace, and he was also in the position of Lord Zhou. ’
The second position of the plastic spirit official under the German public position.
In one fell swoop, he made a Guan Ye. ,
Under the title of Fan Gong, the second position of the plastic spirit official.
Respect for the plastic land one.
Mouth and mouth plastic spirit officer B.
Koujin picked up four people to model Zitong Emperor.
Xianrui helped Yin Qi with money and made up Prince Huaguang.
Persuade the first two dozen three people to shape the race to the Saburo.
Handing over the gods of the year to help the silver one and two positives.
Emperor Ming Wanli Wushen Year auspicious day
persuade the chief executive
Ruchuan, Yimin, Yingzhao, Qiren, Shitao, Yizheng, Jingyi, Shilu, Shifan, Qizhi, Yishun, Fuheng, Yixing, Yixian, Shaodong, Yifeng, Shiyu, Shaopu, Yifu, Shizhen, Shaosheng, Yiqi, all stood together at the same time.

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