Senator Dong Jun Changyi's Epitaph (excerpt)

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2018-11-09 15:49

The king's surname is Dong, a taboo of Chang origin, the word Mengkuang. [Dong's] Luling County has a surname, and the Confucian style is sullen, and those who have ascended the branch have successively. In the first year of Renzong Jingqun, 500 scholars were put in, and 11 of them were selected from the county. And Dong Shi said that Soo and his son Shide, younger brother Ting, and nephew Shidao and Yi were present. Soo's father and son Xian were with Bingke, and the prefect Jiang Junzuo lived in Wugui Township, and the people of the state honored him. The ceremonial official went to the court of the capital, tasted the messenger of the Li Department, and presented it to the doctor of Zuo Zhengyi, that is, the great-grandfather of the king. Ancestor Gancui, and the eighth year of Jinshi in Dengjiayou. Father Peng, San Lang of the Right Dynasty, knew Yulinzhou, and gave it to the doctor.
Jun has been studying mechanics since he was young, and he tried to lead the ancient upper reaches of the county. Xuanhe's father resigned in four years and replaced the general Shilang. In the Jingkang period, Ding was difficult outside, and he served the Que with Digong Lang Weitai's coastal waters, and his mother was free from worries. Then transfer Liuzhou Sihu to join the army, and take Yongxing order. When the barbarians invaded the province, the king made Ding Zhuang, gave strategies, and defended the border, and the people laid pillows. Moved to Lianzhou Lu Shi to join the army, 2,000 shi was impatient, scolded the monarch to abide by the law, and repeatedly embarrassed himself. Or falsely accuse the good people of being thieves, the ruler will rectify them, and Russia will get the real thieves. The new Shou Wang Dabao was recommended by the foreign station, and he was changed to a missionary officer. Chixian drama, do it for nothing. Liu Gongcai, a straight bachelor of Xianmo Pavilion, and Shao Jianjunyi, were in Tai Pavilion and sent a letter to pass the sentence to Wuzhou. As a member of the provincial council, he was selected as the wine officer of the capital city, and even received the most reward. Li Quan was in chaos, and the four masters of the king were absolutely perfect. Therefore, he was famous for his political affairs, Wei Gongliang and the commander of Changsha. In the first year of Longxing, he promoted the Xingguo Army. The imperial family violated the law, and the emperor ruled a lot of forgiveness. The land is introduced into the rivers and lakes, and the fields go down, and it is either a drought or a drought, and your prayers are answered immediately. Overhaul the school, increase the number of students, and the time is called the official. As a young beggar and idle, he was the senator of the Eastern Zhejiang Appeasement Division. When the rank was full, he asked for a convenient hometown, changed to Jiangxi, and returned to Jiangxi.
His wife, Yiren Lin, was the daughter of the official minister of the Ministry of Personnel, and she managed the family with a law-abiding, awe-inspiring inside and outside. In the sixty-eighth year, Chunxi Ding You died in December. At the age of three years later, at the age of Jiaxu, the first month of Gengzi, Jun also died at home at the age of seventy-eight, and was buried in Songjiang, Xiwan, prefecture.
The first son, Wen Linlang and Xinjianxing, rushed to Yuan in the Chechen Courtyard. Five daughters: Changshi Digong Lang, Wei Gaojun, Yishan County, Yizhou; Ci Shi Dianyi doctor, Jianghuai, Jingzhe, Fujian, Guangzhou, etc., all of them have made a lot of pit smelting and casting Qian Lin Zuqia; Ci Shi is a political officer, and Quanzhou judicial member of the military; Ci Shi Chao Fenglang, Tong Judgment Tanzhou Guo Yun; Shi Shi Chao Sanlang, Tong Jujuju Huxi. The grandson is the general Shilang School, and the female is one. ... Twenty years later, (the second daughter) moved to Fengshuang to be buried in the West Wuzhiyuan, Yungai Township, Le'an County, Fuzhou. In September of the fifth year of Shibaoqing, Renyin also...                    

(("Wen Zhong Ji" Volume 72)

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