Ruined night rain

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This is a true story, which happened in Liukeng, an ancient village during the Northern Expedition of the Republic of China. The content mainly reflects that in 1927, soon after the Liukeng Dong's daughter (Chunnv) got married, she was forcibly taken as a wife by a bandit leader of the remnants of Sun Chuanfang of the Beiyang Army. Invading Liukeng, burning, killing and looting, and burning down precious ancient buildings such as Dong's Great Ancestral Hall; the young spring girl suffered from being detained, married, divorced from her husband and mother, falsely accused of seclusion, and separated from her first love. And despair and wandering and other painful experiences, after repeated disasters, most of their lives are accompanied by the ancient temple of Qingdeng, and they are miserable for life. It exposed the various crimes of the warlords and the cruelty of the feudal patriarchal law, regarded people's livelihood as a mustard, wanton rape, distorted marriages, and trampled on true feelings. It runs through sincere, bumpy, tragic love stories and the heroic deeds of the people against the underworld forces; it reflects the urgent desire of people to hate war, call for peace, and long for a stable life. The story has ups and downs, and the plot is vivid and moving.

In December 1978, after the Third Plenary Session of the Eleventh Central Committee of the Communist Party of China was held, all kinds of waste were flourishing, and the traditional cultural activities in Liukeng, which had been silent for a long time, were gradually restored. In 1979, on the ninth day of the first lunar month after the Spring Festival, Liukeng villagers organized an unprecedented Nuo dance performance on the site of Dong's Ancestral Hall, aiming to exorcise evil spirits and welcome auspiciousness. In front of the five huge stone pillars at the site, there was a large group of people, all of them were elated, and the voices were full of people. Only an old nun stood quietly on the side of the crowd, weeping. Her disciple Jing Yun Mo Ming stepped forward to support her, thinking to herself: how excited she was when she came, but why was she so sad when she arrived?
The old nun came from Ji Antai and a certain nunnery on purpose. She was an out-and-out Liukeng person, but no one in Liukeng knew her at that time, and she was a face all over her eyes. And this place not only made her sad and scared, but also made her haunt her dreams. Forty or fifty years have passed, and people have changed easily. Who in Liukeng will know her and her suffering? It was even harder to understand the pain in her heart.
The old nun's eyes moved back and forth between the stone pillar and the performer, as if she was looking for something, but her unbearable past was surging in her mind.
Her name is Dong Chunnv. Her family was originally a merchant family in Liukeng in the late Qing Dynasty. Her father, Dong Congsan, was a scholar at the end of the Qing Dynasty, but he had no fame and was infirm. At first, he lived a relatively prosperous life with the savings of his ancestors. Later, due to the social turmoil in the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, the family situation declined. Chunnu was born at the turn of the late Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China, and her growth was deeply influenced by her family's upbringing and clan ethics. What is admirable is that he has a good figure and a beautiful face, has an elegant manner and a kind-hearted nature. However, because she was in the troubled times of the Republic of China, her life was bad, and she suffered misfortune, and it was closely related to the burning of the most magnificent ancient building in Liukeng (Dong's Ancestral Hall), which made her suffer repeated disasters and was forced to leave her hometown. Most of her life was accompanied by clearing the lights. Ancient temple, miserable life. She originally had a comfortable life, warm family affection and sweet love, but she was kind by nature but was notorious for a long time; she was born with beauty but was slapped down; Her experience has become a topic talked about by people in the Liukeng area.

Soldiers and bandits wantonly kill and loot, the spring girl falls into the wolf's den
In the fifteenth year of the Republic of China (1926), Dong Chunnv was eighteen years old. Under the persuasion of her father Dong Congsan and her mother Chen Shi, she bid farewell to her childhood sweetheart with tears and fell in love. However, Dong Hao, who could not marry because of the same surname, was ten miles away from Liukeng. Yuan Jianzhong, the son of a merchant in Niutianichi, confirmed the marriage relationship.
On the morning of November 9 of that year, Liukeng Mingjing Lane, Congsan’s house, with a happy couplet hanging high and bright lanterns, a welcoming team entered from the Zhuangyuan Building in the west of the village, passed through Longhu and came to Mingjing Lane. There was a crowd in front of Cong San's gate, and the spring girl with tears in her eyes, wearing a phoenix crown, colorful robes and shawls, got on the sedan chair with the support of the bridesmaids and others; Cong San looked at her daughter reluctantly and wanted to say Speechless, closed the car door. In the sound of whipping and drumming, the sedan chair slowly lifted and walked towards the cattle field. Dong Hao hid at the entrance of the village and stared at him, feeling lost.
Dong Hao is one year older than Chunnu and lives in Mingjing Lane in Liukeng. Both are descendants of Dong Zhuo, one of the five scholars of the same year in Liukeng in the Song Dynasty. During Dong Hao's childhood, his parents loved him very much and enjoyed the warmth of the family. His father was a platoon worker. Although he was often on the river, drifting day and night, sleeping in the wind, and sleeping in the wind, it was very difficult, but his income from platooning was enough to maintain the expenses of the small family. When he was eight years old, he even let him go to school. But within three years, his mother died of illness, and his father remarried, putting his life into a predicament.
Because my father had to pay a large amount of medical care, funeral and marriage expenses, and was unable to go out for a long time, his family became increasingly impoverished. Therefore, he dropped out of school at the age of eleven, and when his stepmother gave birth to a child, he gradually became a semi-vagrant child who was neglected by his family. Dong Hao was depressed, and only often found his aunt (married to Shui Nanding's family) who had loved him since childhood. He also often found friends in the village to play for fun. Chun Nu understands him best, helps him attentively, and often smiles at him affectionately, which brings him great comfort. Dong Hao also often takes care of Chunnu. By the age of sixteen, he has grown into a handsome young man, with a medium-to-high stature, strong and lively, with a Chinese character face, clear eyebrows, cheerful personality, and willing to help others. The villagers recommended him to join the Nuo opera troupe, and he invited the spring girls to join the Nuo dance training in the village with special interest. The close and frequent contact and the attentive care of each other make each other's feelings stronger and stronger, become inseparable lovers, and enjoy a beautiful love time. However, faced with the accusations of the clan, they were terrified; faced with the obstruction of the clan law, they were even more helpless.



After Chunnv married to the Yuan family, although she missed Dong Hao from time to time, she and her husband Yuan Jianzhong respected each other and managed a business established by the Yuan family on Niutian Street. However, the Anshun family was soon torn apart due to the reckless actions of the soldiers and bandits.
Around the time of the marriage of Chunnu, the remnants of Jiang Zhen’s ministers belonging to the Beiyang warlord Sun Chuanfang were defeated by the Northern Expedition in Nanchang and Fengcheng. Under the leadership of Xing Yutang, he camped in Niutian in early March of the following year (1927). In the barracks came a striking woman, tall and plump, with an extraordinary temperament, but even though she was dressed in fine clothes and jade, and took time to rest, her white and tender face was always haggard, and her pretty eyebrows showed a bit of helpless sadness. She is Cao Wanjin's wife Shu Lan.
Speaking of Shu Lan, she is also a hard-working woman. She was originally a rich lady. Two years ago, Xing Yutang, then the company commander, led troops to rob her home (in other provinces), killed her father, and robbed her to the barracks. The mother hanged herself in a fit of rage. Xing Yutang grabbed Shu Lan's heart, but was occupied by his direct superior Cao Wanjin as his wife, so Xing Yutang held a grudge.
After Cao Wanjin got this beautiful wife, he smiled happily and immersed himself in wine all day. In order to thank Xing Yutang for his "courageous actions", he was specially promoted to battalion deputy. Although Xing Yutang was promoted, seeing Cao Wanjin always haunting Shu Lan with a smiling face, his jealousy and hatred increased day by day. So, taking advantage of Cao Wanjin's letting him take charge of military affairs, he deliberately cultivated his confidants and found an opportunity to assassinate Cao Wanjin.
After Cao and Xing led their troops into Niutian, they burned, killed and looted, and the people were all indignant. One day, Xing Yutang brought a few soldiers into a hotel and shouted loudly, asking the owner to quickly serve wine and food. Let go, asking him to pay the arrears, Xing Yutang stepped forward and looked at the sly young man, thinking: This is the object that can be drawn and used, so he shouted: "Let go! I will pay for his arrears." Immediately, he threw two pieces of ocean to the shopkeeper, and his group did not pay a cent for the food and drinks, so the soldiers took the young man straight to the barracks. At first, the young man was glad that he had met a noble person, and quickly thanked him, but when he was taken away by Xing Bing, he was uneasy, not knowing whether it was a blessing or a curse.
When they arrived at the barracks, Xing Yutang cross-examined the young man in detail and said solemnly: "In the future, as long as you serve us faithfully, not only will no one dare to bully you, but you will also be assured that you will be proud and well-fed; Even if you go into a ghost hole, we can still catch you and skin you alive!" He then ordered the inner tube to hand the young man five pieces of ocean. The young man was trembling all over, took the ocean, and nodded again and again.
It turned out that the young man was named Pan Yaoting, originally from Lianhe Village, two kilometers upstream of Niutian River. The young man lost his father and his mother remarried in another country. . When the people of Niutian Opera Troupe saw that he was lonely and helpless, they accepted him, taught him to learn opera, and acted as a martial arts student, so they had a relatively stable life. But he was not used to the life of the troupe, and complained that learning and acting was hard and poor, so he often went out to eat, drink and have fun, and if he had no money, he would take credit and default. This time, I met Xing Yutang's generosity, and I felt grateful. I thought I had received a beautiful business, and I was secretly happy.
Shuinan Village on the other side of the Niutian River is the place where the Ding family lived. In view of the harm of the soldiers and bandits, in order to protect the village and protect the people, the Ding family organized the villagers to take turns fortification at the bridgehead into the village. A few days later, three soldiers and bandits ate and drank in a hotel in Qiaotou, not only refusing to pay for food and beverages, but also robbing the wine and chicken in the store. Escape to the barracks. When Cao, Xing and other soldiers and bandits found out, they were furious and decided to show Shuinan Village a little bit of color and shame. So, he sent people to scout the terrain along the banks of the Shuinan River, and brought in Pan Yaoting to question him in detail about the situation in Shuinan Village.
One early morning in mid-March, a group of soldiers and bandits took advantage of the hazy spring fog to cross the Wujiang River in the east of Shuinan Village and gathered in the ancient camphor forest; another group of soldiers and bandits attacked from the bridge head of the village west of Shuinan Village , to attract the attention of the villagers. When the soldiers and bandits gathered in the ancient camphor forest in the east of the village heard the sound of gunfire, they rushed into the village and wanted to kill. The sound of gunshots, screams, dogs barking... The screams were mournful, and the villagers were overwhelmed and fled everywhere. After the villagers defending in the west of the village knew that the soldiers and bandits had invaded the village, they dispatched some villagers to return to the village to fight the soldiers and bandits. The village warriors fought bravely with the soldiers and bandits in the village alleys; the elderly and women also splashed the soldiers and bandits with boiling water and lime, and the soldiers and bandits ran away. However, due to the weakening of the defense in the west of the village, it was attacked by soldiers and bandits in less than half an hour. The soldiers and bandits in the west of the village also rushed into the village quickly. Many villagers died tragically under the guns and knives of the soldiers and bandits, and many families were robbed.
The soldiers and bandits returned to the barracks and reported the looting of Shuinan Village to Cao and Xing. Cao Wanjin laughed, and immediately decided to hold a banquet tonight to celebrate the soldiers.
That night, in the Niutian Barracks, the soldiers and bandits ate and drank happily. Xing Yutang drew some of his confidants to conspire on one side. After that, he and several confidants surrounded Cao Wanjin frequently toasting. Cao was dizzy and dizzy. I want to give you a big gift: a beautiful night with a beautiful girl." Cao laughed heartily, but he was lying. Xing ordered his two confidants to help Cao go to an ancient alley on Niutian Street, and when they reached a quiet place, they chopped Cao to death with a knife or two. After the two henchmen reported that the matter was done, Xing Yutang went to the camp headquarters and pretended to find the camp seat to discuss important matters. At this time, of course, Cao Wanjin could not be seen, and Xing Yutang ordered the soldiers to look for it.



When Cao Wanjin (corpse) was found, the soldiers were all surprised. Xing Yutang pretended to analyze that it was the villagers of Niutian Street who framed the crime, and said impassively to the soldiers: "We must strengthen our defense, strengthen our armed forces, and find an opportunity to take down this Niutian Street. It will be a shame." It was held by Xing Yutang. The next day, Xing Yutang couldn't wait to pester Shu Lan, doing both hard and soft, and Shu Lan reluctantly gave in.
At the end of April 1927, Xing Bing heard that a batch of arms was going to be transported from Fengcheng, which borders the north of Le'an, and decided to dispatch the entire battalion to loot the arms. The result came true. After Xing Bing received this batch of arms, his morale greatly increased, and his desire to do evil grew. One night, Xing Yutang and several leaders planned how to attack Niutian Street.
Niutian Street was founded during the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty. It was originally a relatively prosperous market in the southwest of Le’an. Since the soldiers and bandits entered Niutian, villagers from far and near, if there was no urgent matter, all cowered at home to avoid risks, and the market was depressed as a result. down. In a few days at the end of April, the villagers rushed to tell each other that the soldiers and bandits had withdrawn, and thus Niutian Street regained its former prosperity, and Yuanjia stores also ushered in unprecedented prosperity. In order to help her husband Yuan Jianzhong manage his business, the spring girl guards the store, accompanies her husband day and night, and lives in the store together.
On the evening of May 3, Xing Yutang led his troops to quickly set off from Fengcheng to Niutian, and surrounded Niutian Street before dawn the next day. The sound of dogs barking, shouting, and gunshots awakened the people who were still sleeping. The merchants on the street were about to open the door to see what was going on. Unexpectedly, they were bound by Xing Bing one by one, and the shops were looted. The streets were chaotic and terrifying. Yuan Jianzhong was awakened and looked out the window. Seeing that the situation was not good, he eagerly called out the spring girl and wanted to escape from the back window. However, Xing Bing had rushed into the store at this time, and Yuan Jianzhong wanted to pull the spring girl to the window. It was too late, so I had no choice but to jump out of the window alone to escape. Yuanjiadian was robbed by Xing Bing, and when he saw Chunnu was young and beautiful, he escorted her to the barracks.
The businessmen who were kidnapped were redeemed by the rich at huge sums of money; many who had no money to redeem were brutally killed. After the spring girl was taken to the barracks, Xing Yutang stepped forward to take a look, and said with a laugh, "Yes, yes, let me take care of it. Xing Yutang, who just got a beautiful wife (Shu Lan), is still immersed in his honeymoon. She is in love with Shu Lan. She has not yet moved to empathize with the undressed, frightened, and haggard spring girl; Shu Lan has no jealousy when she sees a woman robbed by Xing Yutang, but has a feeling of pity for each other. Because she hates Xing Yutang Yutang, it was he who made her parents die, she was alone, and she was forced to drift away from her enemies, trampling her mind and body.
Since then, the villagers in Shuinan and Niutian areas have been trembling with fear, and they have been terrified all the time. Under the initiative of several people of insight, it was decided that the two villages should unite to recruit village braves and carry out armed training to protect the village and protect the people. Many villagers are eager to say: We must find opportunities to attack the soldiers and bandits hard.
When Yuan Jianzhong found out that his beloved wife (Spring Girl) had been captured by Xing Bing, he was so worried, he eagerly sought out the armed villagers trained in the ancient camphor forest, donated money and materials for them, and begged for rescue. After Dong Hao learned about Chunnu's incident, he was even more worried and indignant.

The leader of the bandit fell to Beiling, and Shu Lan escaped from the living room
A few days later, the sun slowly rose from the top of the mountain, the rays of light were radiant, the clouds and fog dispersed, and the sky was clear and clear. This was a rare good weather since the beginning of summer this year. Shu Lan stood on the balcony, leaning on the railing to see: Qingshanzhou forest, river water like a belt, birds flying, freedom and yearning. Shu Lan breathed a long sigh of relief, and said to Xing Yutang with special interest: "It's rare that the weather is so good today and the mountains are so beautiful. I heard that the mountain to the north is called Beiling, which was the place where the immortals preached and reformed in ancient times. It is also called 'Hui Xianfeng', which is very effective. If you can go to the camp to pray and pray, firstly, you can ask for the protection of the immortals; secondly, you can enjoy the scenery of the mountains and rivers, which is really a beautiful thing." Looking at Shu Lan's never-before-seen smiling face, coupled with the tight wrapping of a single coat, highlighting the curves of her limbs, she was extraordinarily charming and charming under the light of the morning sun, she suddenly stepped forward and hugged Shu Lan, and kissed her eagerly. , laughed and said: "What Alan said is very true." He ordered the barracks to prepare the sedan chair and horses; But the barracks only had horses and no sedan chairs, so the inner management team was so anxious that they could only ask the villagers. When Dong Hao learned about this, he thought it was a good opportunity to find out the situation of Chunnu, so he was eager to join a good friend of him in Shuinan Village, Ding Ping, whose father had been killed by soldiers and bandits, and carried a sedan chair to a villager. The elder led him down to the gate of the barracks. After being inspected and cross-examined by the barracks inner management, they were allowed to carry the sedan chair in.



Dong and Ding placed the sedan chair next to the two horses as instructed by the inner officer, and saw Xing Yutang supporting a woman, followed by more than a dozen Xing soldiers, and said as they walked: "We must strengthen the defense of the camp and take good care of that. Niu (referring to the spring girl)", and then asked Dong and Ding about the road conditions on the "Hui Xianfeng", and asked them to point the way, carry the sedan chair steadily, or beheaded!
Dong Hao heard Xing Yutang's instructions, he understood it, took the opportunity to pretend to go to the toilet, and wrote a note: "Xing Shangxianfeng, female prison barracks." . The person who responded quickly ran to the training ground for the villagers of Guzhanglin and handed over a note. Dong Weiliang, the leader of the villagers' armed team, immediately agreed with the people: Divide the team into two teams, one team will go to the "Huixian Peak" and must go through the road to be ambushed;
Xing and He rode on horses, while Shu Lan sat in a sedan chair and was carried by Dong and Ding, and slowly marched towards Beiling under the escort of more than a dozen soldiers. When you leave the village, you will enter a field. On one side, there are continuous green hills and emerald peaks; Shu Lan kept looking out of the sedan window, and had not been so happy for a long time; Xing Yutang was humming a little song all the way; the soldiers kept whistling... Soon they entered the intersection of the mountain and turned a few bends to the halfway up the mountain. The upper side is a mountain peak; the lower side is a steep deep valley. Suddenly, stones and wooden stakes rolled down the mountain, followed by the sound of gunshots and people's screams shaking the mountain. Xing Yutang and his party immediately panicked, and the soldiers on foot were almost killed or shot; Dong Hao and Ding Ping carried Shu Lan, but the sedan chair was hit by a stake and rolled down the valley together; When they rushed forward, the armed villagers shot at them desperately. Xing and He fell to the ground after being injured by their horses.
At the same time, another group of villagers rushed to the vicinity of the Niutian Xing barracks, and wanted to send a few team members to sneak into the barracks as an internal response. When he touched the sentry, he was discovered by the bandits. With the sound of a gunshot, a large group of Xing soldiers rushed out of the camp and shot at the armed villagers, injuring two people. When the villagers' armed team saw what happened, they dispersed and retreated.
On the Beiling side, the sun shines obliquely through the mountains and into the stream in the valley. Shu Lan struggled to get up, sat leaning on the edge of the stream, took off his upper coat, and washed the dirt and bruised wounds on his body with the stream water. The water on one side of the stream turned red, and then he supported the rock with his hands and tried to stand up, but the pain in his right foot was unbearable, and he couldn't do anything, so he sat down helplessly. At this time, the valley became long and dark, and the wind blew the treetops and bamboo branches. She couldn't help shaking, feeling cold and frightened, so she simply put her hands on her head and put her knees on her knees. For a long time, the sleepy Shu Lan suddenly heard a strange sound, which made her raise her head suddenly. Not far away, a jackal was looking into her eyes. She couldn't help screaming loudly and grabbed a stone. .
Dong Hao was awakened by surprise, and eagerly looked for Ding Ping. Ke Ding's head was bleeding and he was no longer breathing. Dong Hao sadly placed Ding Ping's body in a secluded place, then turned and walked towards the screaming place. I saw that the wolf was tearing at Shu Lan's shirt, and Shu Lan held a stone and smashed it at the wolf. Dong Hao let out a loud cry, and the wolf loosened the clothes it was biting before he was startled, and his eyes turned to stare at Dong Hao. Dong Hao immediately grabbed a bamboo pole and stabbed the wolf's head, and the wolf ran away quickly. Shu Lan's head was messed up, her upper body was half exposed, and she stared at Dong Hao blankly. When Dong Hao approached her and squatted down, she immediately hugged Dong Hao, as if hugging a big tree on the edge of a cliff. The comfort was mixed, and a warm current filled her body.
Dong Hao arranged her clothes and hair, comforted her not to be afraid, and said that she couldn't stay here for long. So, he found a wooden stick as a crutch, carried Shu Lan on his back, and walked down the valley with difficulty.
Xing Yutang and He Bangda hid under the cliff for a long time, then stretched out their heads to look around, but found no movement of people, only the sound of rushing streams echoed in the valley. It turned out that the villagers did not dare to fight, and they retreated because they were worried that Xing's reinforcements would arrive. Xing Yutang calmed down and said to He Bangda: "Alan fell down the valley and I don't know what happened. Are we going down the road to find it?" He Bangda replied: "I am afraid there will be an ambush at the intersection when we go out of the mountain, we'd better stay on this road. On the opposite mountainside, go down and observe the movement, go to the opposite side of where the lady fell, and then check the situation and look down." Xing Yutang nodded in agreement. And when they found the place where Shu Lan fell, they searched everywhere but couldn't find Shu Lan and the bearer. They only saw the bodies of the sedan chair and a few soldiers. There were all kinds of speculations in their hearts, they felt dangerous, and they hid together again. Whisper analysis in one place.



At this time, Dong Hao approached the mountain intersection with Shu Lan on his back. Shu Lan was on Dong Hao's back, and while stroking Dong Hao's hair, he said, "It's good that Thief Xing is dead, please take me away from this thief!" Dong Hao was covered in sweat and soaked his clothes, and he kept breathing heavily. Shu Lan said distressedly again, "Just take a break when you're tired!" Dong Hao was really tired, so he put down Shu Lan and helped her sit down.
Shu Lan looked at Dong Hao madly, and the more he looked, the more handsome and cute he felt, and a feeling of admiration emerged from his gratitude. He said earnestly and shyly, "Don't leave me," and pulled Dong Hao to sit down with her. . Shu Lan couldn't help but pounced on Dong Hao, snuggled in Dong Hao's arms, and looked up at Dong Hao with a raised face. Her beautiful face and affectionate eyes showed a sad and hopeful look, which made Dong Hao feel deeply pity. Dong Hao caressed Shu Lan's temples with both hands, his expression was agitated, but the figure of a spring girl kept appearing in his mind, so he hugged Shu Lan tightly, and it took a long time to turn around, let go of his hands, and comfort Shu. Lan, sighed deeply in my heart: this beautiful woman was born at an untimely time.
Shu Lan didn't know what Dong Hao was thinking, and said to Dong Hao worriedly: "Please don't dislike me, I will treat you sincerely for the rest of my life! I hid a box of valuables in the barracks, and I will go back when Thief Xing leaves this area. Take it back, shall we live together?" Shu Lan looked forward to Dong Hao, so embarrassed that he didn't know how to answer. At this moment, a voice came from Tianyan on the side of the mountain intersection. Dong Hao observed quietly. It turned out to be two locals with a hoe. He hurried over to explain the reason to them and asked them to help. With their help, Dong Hao and Shu Lan quickly crossed the fields to the riverside, crossed the river on a bamboo raft, passed through the ancient camphor forest and entered Shuinan Village, and settled Shu Lan in Lianhua Nunnery to avoid the storm.
Xing Yutang and He Bang did not dare to go out of the mountain in the daytime. They only cowered there, angry and hungry, and when it was dark, they walked quietly under the cover of night. They walked four or five miles for an hour before reaching the barracks. Really lost his wife and lost his soldiers, and he became a thief and a rat.

The spring girl was forced to marry a bandit, and the Chen family was humiliated by Shenjiang
Xing Yutang and He Bang quickly walked to the gate of the barracks. Because it was dark, they couldn't see clearly, so they were pointed at by two sentries and shouted who was it? Xing Yutang was so angry that he cursed, and the sentry shivered with fright, and hurriedly welcomed them into the camp gate. After Xing and He arrived at the camp headquarters, they couldn't wait to find the second child (Zhao Hanguang), accusing him, "This place is not far from the mountain, why don't you send someone to meet us? And we haven't seen us come back until it's dark. Just a little reaction." Zhao Hanguang quickly explained: "It was the camp that was also attacked by a group of people." In fact, after the villagers who attacked the camp retreated, Zhao Hanguang only heard the gunshots in the direction of Beiling, and he had time to spare. Send troops to help, and someone suggested to him at the time, but he refused on the grounds that he might be intercepted halfway, and tried his best for the ulterior purpose in his heart: he really hoped that Xing Yutang would never come back, so it would be logical to become Boss, the beautiful woman who is locked can also be his.
Xing Yutang simply washed his face and hands and feet and fell onto the bed, but his anger and shame did not disappear, and the loneliness without a woman made him sleepless all night. And when he remembered that Shu Lan took the initiative to ask for a trip this time, two places were attacked at the same time, and the soldiers accompanying him were killed. Only Shu Lan and the two bearers were missing. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was Shu Lan. Beforehand, he secretly colluded with the locals to set him up, jumped off the bed, and threw the thing Shu Lan was using, shouting: "Bitch, I don't know what's wrong, and you're still hurting me, no matter where you go. There is a good end, I will live better without you! Why worry about a husband without a wife!"
Early the next morning, Xing Yutang didn't wait for the guards to unlock the lock, so he smashed open the door that locked Chunnu, picked Chunv up and went straight to his bedroom. The spring girl shook her head, grabbed her hands and feet, and scratched several bloodstains from Xing's neck. Xing Yutang threw it on the bed and stripped off her shirt and trousers. Xing Yutang wiped the spring girl's big feet with a bright dagger, and said, "Good girl, you forced me to do this, but don't force me to cut you alive. You'd better be obedient. Obedient, I will love you and have a good day with you." The spring girl slumped on the bed helplessly in front of Xing Yutang's lewd power, with tears in her eyes, letting Xing Yutang trample on her. Xing Yutang stared at the spring girl's beautiful face and white tender and plump naked body, and suddenly pounced on him. The hair on his chest was rubbing against the spring girl's bulging breasts. , The rude actions made the spring girl feel depressed and disgusted; and Xing Yutang got a strong pleasure and vented his whole body's sullen desire. After finishing the incident, he caressed the spring girl lovingly and comforted the spring girl. Then he got out of bed and put on his clothes and trousers. He walked out of the bedroom with a wide-eyed smile, and said loudly, "Today, I am overjoyed, and all the bad luck has been washed away. The brothers want me to arrange a room for me. Table, let's have a good drink, congratulations, congratulations!"



The news of Xing Yutang's forced marriage to a spring girl soon spread to the barracks and became a hot topic of discussion among the villagers in the Niutian area after dinner. Yuan Jianzhong was so angry that he beat his chest and feet, but he was helpless; the day after Dong Hao settled in Shu Lan, he would go into the mountain with Ding Ping's relatives to carry Ding Ping's body to Beiling for burial. After finding the villagers armed, he wanted to discuss ways to rescue Chunnu again, but when he learned of Chunv's condition, he sat down under the ancient camphor tree like a deflated ball, dazed; the news spread to Liukeng, but it caused an uproar .
There was a lot of discussion in the streets and alleys of Liukeng, and many people scolded Dong Congsan for giving birth to such a cheap daughter, which was unethical and corrupt, and even married the wicked soldiers and bandits, and lost the face of the Dong family; I can't help her, it is very likely that she will be forced to submit, don't scold, and wronged the poor people." Dong Congsan and his wife were ashamed, worried and afraid, and they did not even dare to leave the house. Several elders in charge of clan affairs were outraged, gathered at the ancestral hall to discuss the matter, and sent someone to take Dong Congsan and his wife to the ancestral hall. Cong San and his wife came to the ancestral hall trembling and trembling. Cong San's wife, Chen Shi, couldn't help feeling grievances in her heart, so she complained: "Daughter fell into the hands of soldiers and bandits. Before Chen Shi could finish speaking, the patriarch Dong Ze interrupted her with a furious rage, saying, "Your daughter has committed a serious crime of humiliating the family. She is in the hands of the soldiers and bandits. !" He ordered Zu Ding to shut down the Chen family. Cong San stared openly, worried and angry, unable to say anything, and staggered back home.
In the afternoon, the Chen family was forcibly tied up with a huge grievance. The clan took her to the Guanyin Pool on the Wujiang River in the northwest of Liukeng Village, and the villagers standing on the riverbank were watching. The patriarch Dong Ze declared loudly: "Chen's goddaughter is unethical, and her daughter Chunnv married a wicked bandit, corrupting my Dong's clan and committing a heinous crime of humiliating the family. The elders of the clan agreed to sink the Chen family into the river, To atone for sin with death, to warn the clansmen, to forbid aftereffects, to maintain the dignity of the family, and to console the spirit of the ancestors in heaven."
On the Baimaozhou on the north bank of Guanyin Lake, the ancient forest was squeaked by the wind, and there were a few bird calls from time to time. The sky suddenly became gloomy. The wind blew his head and closed his eyes. The patriarch Dong Ze hurriedly shouted: "Tie Chen to a stone and push it into the pool." Chen was so frightened that he moved all over his body, like a wooden chicken being manipulated by others. submerged. Many people watching from the shore shook their heads and sighed, "It's really pitiful. Unfortunately, my daughter was robbed by bandits, and I suffered from this." Suddenly, a giant snake emerged from the pool and hurried to the direction of the elders who were in charge of clan affairs. Swimming away, they were so frightened that they turned back and forth, and returned to the village as if they had lost their souls. Some people are talking: Chen's zodiac sign is a snake, and when he dies, he becomes a snake spirit, and he wants to seek revenge from these elders.
After Chen's slump, the elders who were in charge of family affairs were always uneasy. One night, the patriarch Dong Ze fell into a dazed sleep. In his dream, a giant snake was chasing after him with its head erect. He was so frightened that he retreated and fell into the pond. The snake rushed towards him in a hurry... He was shocked. Covered in cold sweat, I woke up with lingering fears, and had a premonition that disaster was coming. The next morning, I hurriedly summoned several elders to the ancestral hall to discuss matters. He said: "Right now, Xing Yutang is still stationed in Niutian, and it is very likely that he will attack the village under pretext. We must have a preventive measure in advance, please discuss it together. After some discussion, it was decided to organize the tribes for training. , and set up defenses at the entrance of the village and set up blocking points; set up mobile sentries along the river and mountains, and send people on duty.

Xing Bing attacked Liukeng at night, Dong's ancestral hall was burned
The matter of Chen's Shenjiang has spread like a frying pan in the Niutian area. Some people are discussing in private: These elders will only show their prestige in front of their own people. Even if their daughter has committed the clan law, she should not be punished. Bandit, what kind of ability is it to target a weak woman! After the spring girl knew about this, she cried and cried, and she was in pain. Xing Yutang was so angry that he gritted his teeth and said, "Damn, these old people dare to do this to your mother, let's see how I deal with them!" The spring girl was busy! He pleaded, "Don't mess around, or I will incur more sins." How could Xing Yutang swallow this breath and rush to find He Bangda, asking him to dispatch soldiers and arrange matters to attack Liukeng .



That afternoon, as soon as Xing Yutang led fifty or sixty soldiers out of the barracks, Dong Hao found out their movements. Therefore, Dong Hao quickly ran to Liukeng to tell the news, so that Liukeng villagers quickly prepared to meet the enemy. When Xing Bing approached the entrance of the village, the villagers standing on the mountain side of Guanyin Pond could see it clearly. The villagers who were guarding at the entrance of the village shot Xing Bing together with pine cannons, shotguns and stones. They were defeated, and many were killed and wounded. He Bangda hurriedly said to Xing Yutang: "The camp, the situation is unclear. If we fight in such a hurry, we will definitely suffer losses. This matter has to be considered in the long run." Xing Yutang frowned and nodded, and ordered to retreat. The villagers watched Xing Bing flee in embarrassment. They danced with joy, and curses and laughter resounded on the river bank at the entrance of the village.
When Xing Bing returned to the barracks, Xing Yutang said very unconvinced, "Damn, I don't believe that Liukeng can't be subdued!" He hurriedly sent someone to find Pan Yaoting. Pan Yaoting stepped forward and bowed: "Sir Xing, if you have anything to do, just tell me." "Tell me about the situation of Liukeng in detail!" Xing Yutang said solemnly. Pan Yaoting knew that Xing Bing had just retreated to Liukeng, and he didn't want to provoke the Liukeng incident, so he pretended to be embarrassed and said: "Alas! Liukeng is surrounded by water and the terrain is dangerous; Moreover, all the entrances and alleys of the village can be guarded by cards, and even if they attack the village, it will be difficult to leave the village." Xing Yutang interjected, "Fuck you, just scare people, what I want is the details. Reward you." Pan Yaoting nodded quickly and said, "Yes, yes!" Then he explained the situation of Liukeng in detail. After Xing Yutang heard it, he felt that Liukeng was indeed unusual, and he had to be careful when attacking. Therefore, he appointed Pan Yaoting to lead the way early in the morning, and sent a few soldiers disguised as locals to go to Liukeng "Chaochao Street" to go to the market together. They took the opportunity to detect the situation in Liukeng, especially the Dong's ancestral hall and those in charge of clan affairs. 's house.
At dawn the next day, Pan Yaoting walked eagerly towards Liukeng with several soldiers disguised as locals. When they arrived at the entrance of the village, they felt that the eyes of the villagers standing there were staring at them, so Pan Yaoting stepped forward and said, "Today, these friends of mine have negotiated a business in Niutian, and they want me to do it and do two. The table wine and vegetables thank those who helped, and Niu Tian today is Cold Street Day (not a market day), so I will come to drive your Chao Chao Street to buy some fresh vegetables and go back.” The villagers on duty at the entrance of the village seem to be brought by local people. Then, without interrogation, let them enter the village. The steep mountain and the deep pool at the entrance of the village are sandwiched between the topography and the defense. Pan Yaoting and the others knew at a glance that it was really a place that was easy to defend and difficult to attack.
Pan Yaoting and the others bought some vegetables randomly in Chaochao Street, and then took the vegetables (the purpose of confusing the villagers) to turn around in the village, but they did not see any defense in the village; After inquiring about the old man's house, he turned to the northeast of the village and crossed the bridge. Then he dropped the vegetables he was carrying and scouted the area on the other side of the river. The topography and the villagers' patrolling situation were all clear. Back to Niutian Barracks.
After Pan Yaoting and his party reported that Xing Yutang conspired with Zhao Hanguang and He Bangda, Xing Yutang couldn't wait to lead his troops to attack Liukeng that night, but He Bangda stopped him and said, "Right now, Liukeng people have a strong sense of prevention. If he is cold for a while, he will definitely relax, and then we will attack according to our plan, and we will win." Both Xing and Zhao nodded in agreement.
Sure enough, after waiting for a few days, the villagers in Liukeng did not see any movement from Xing Bing to attack the village. They thought that Xing Bing would not dare to attack the village, so they relaxed their vigilance and only kept the defense at the entrance of the village and canceled the mobile sentries along the river and the mountains. . A few days later, on the night of August 24, Xing Yutang led a large group of soldiers, with Pan Yaoting as a guide, avoiding the defensive point at the entrance of the village, and sneaking into the eastern end of Baimaozhou on the opposite bank of the Northwest River in Liukeng Village, quietly. Observe the movement on the opposite bank of a shoal upstream of Guanyin Lake. However, the wind blew the bamboos on both sides of the river to sway, and the water on the beach rustled again. He couldn't see or hear anyone on the other side, so Xing Yu had to send a few soldiers across the beach to detect. The detective's soldiers touched the other side and found no trace of anyone, so they waved to the other side. Only then did Xing Yutang make the team wading across the river with him. After Xing Bing went ashore, he first broke into Dong's Ancestral Hall, set fire to it, and then quickly attacked the village.



In the north of the village, a raging fire illuminates the night sky of Liukeng, which is swallowing up the most magnificent building in Liukeng, which has been standing for more than 360 years. Smoke billowed and panicked. The villagers helped the old and the young to escape. The village brave who resisted Xing Bing and many villagers who could not escape died tragically under Xing Bing's guns and knives; When the voices began to spread, they wanted to return to the village for assistance, but were blocked by Xing Bing and forced to retreat to Baishiling in the southwest of the village.
The elders in charge of clan affairs fled to the valley south of the village in a hurry under the cover of the clan. But when they walked to the door of the house, all of them were dumbfounded, and saw that the mansion had turned into a rubble. daze. It turned out that Xing Bing was looking for the house of the person in charge of the clan to burn, and the robbery was the property of some wealthy families.
Dong's Ancestral Hall is the ancestral hall dedicated to the founder of Liukeng Dong's founder, Dong He, the great Situ of the Song Dynasty. It was built at the beginning of Ming Hongwu and rebuilt at the end of Ming Jiajing. It is the three major buildings with double eaves, which are very large in scale and magnificent in structure. After this burning, it turned into a ruined wall, only the six huge residual stone pillars in the central hall and a pair of red stone giant lions in front of the temple, although they were smoked by the fire, they still stood upright, miserable and desolate!
After this blow, everyone in Liukeng Village sighed and scolded and resented. Dong Hao was very angry, and complained that he had not been able to detect Xing Bing's intention to attack Liukeng at night, and could not sleep for several days. Seeing so many unfortunate things happening in the connection, Satoshi San, the father of the spring girl, cowered at home, became depressed and became ill, and passed away in less than a month.
Xing Bing returned to the barracks triumphantly, Xing Yutang was even more delighted, and praised his brothers for doing a good job. After that, he turned to find the spring girl and said, "I avenged your mother and killed the few who killed your mother. The old man's house and ancestral hall were all burned down, but unfortunately they ran away, or I'd skin them!" Chun Nu listened, as if stabbed in her heart again, she was in pain and burst into tears. Xing Yutang was puzzled, how could the wicked know the thoughts of the good?
Although Chun Nu married Xing Yutang, Dong Hao was always worried about her. After escaping the trip to Beiling, he visited Xing Barracks many times at night. On the second night after Xingbing attacked Liukeng at night, he climbed the roof of the barracks patio and hid behind the beacon wall to observe the situation inside. . It didn't take long for Pan Yaoting to walk in with a smile on his face, saying that he wanted to report an important matter to Chief Xing. A soldier went straight into the back hall to report. After a while, Xing Yutang came out struttingly and said to Pan Yaoting, "You are so good, brother, I need your help with Liukeng. You have merit, merit." Pan Yaoting took the silver dollar and hurriedly bowed. Please be on your guard." Xing Yutang stared in shock and instructed Pan Yaoting, "Keep a close eye on their manpower, equipment and activity location, and tell me in time." Pan Yaoting nodded again and again.
Hearing this, Dong Hao gritted his teeth and thought: Bandit Xing made Liukeng so clear that he was the inner ghost. If this inner ghost is not eliminated, I don't know how many villages and people will be harmed. Dong Hao jumped off the roof and ran straight to Dong Weiliang's house. He told Dong Weiliang what he had eavesdropped on the roof of Xing Barracks, and suggested that Pan Yaoting should be strictly guarded and try to get rid of it as soon as possible.



Northern Expedition Heroes Destroy Bandits
In the evening of autumn, the river wind bursts, blowing the branches and leaves of the ancient camphor forest swaying, creating layers of green waves; Singing...what a view. But Dong Weiliang and Dong Hao, who were walking on the river beach, had no intention of watching, and were always heavy-hearted because the gangsters were hard to get rid of. They talked about the fact that the villagers' armed forces were made up of men and horses that had been put together on a temporary basis. They lacked formal and adequate training, and had poor weapons and equipment, let alone actual combat experience. After negotiation, they reached a common view: while eliminating the inner ghost Pan Yaoting, on the one hand, they sent people to find out the deployment of the Xing Barracks and monitor their movements; stationed. After that, they carefully planned a way to kill Pan Yaoting.
Since Pan Yaoting was bought by Xing Yutang, he has never been to the troupe. He often hangs out, eats, drinks, and plays. People thought it was strange that he had made a fortune. That night, he was so drunk that he was walking to the riverside hut where he lived, and was stared at by Dong Hao and others. When he walked to a quiet place, he was knocked to the ground by Dong Hao and others with one or two sticks, and he died of anger. Dong Hao and the others packed Pan's body in a sack and dragged it to the river to bury it in a tree.
In view of the rampant bandits and bandits, in the summer of 1927, the Le'an National Government established a bandit suppression team; at the end of August of the same year, another battalion of the Northern Expedition Army was stationed in Yongfeng, a neighboring county. After Dong Weiliang and the others found out about this situation, they sent people to the county seat and Yongfeng respectively to report the situation of Xing Bing stationed in Niutian and the mutilation of ordinary people.
On the night of September 9, led by Dong Weiliang and Dong Hao, the Northern Expedition Army stationed in Yongfeng County, led by battalion commander Zhu Changming (member of the Communist Party of China), first secretly rushed to the Xiazhenzhou Forest on the other side of the Southwest River in Niutian to hide. When the sky was about to dawn, crossing the river quickly outflanked the Niutianxing Barracks.
Several defensive points (posts) of the Xing Barracks collapsed quickly under the strong attack of the Northern Expedition Army. The soldiers of the Northern Expedition Army quickly entered the Xing Barracks. Xing Bing was caught off guard and fled in panic. Xing Yutang heard the rapid sound of gunfire and knew that the situation was not good. He jumped off the bed and held a shell gun. He was about to open the door to resist fleeing, but was stabbed in the palm of his hand by a flying knife, and the gun fell to the ground. He turned around and rushed away. The window, rolled out of the back wall, and under the cover of the soldiers led by He Bangda, rode out of the barracks on horseback.
When the spring girl saw Xing Yutang fleeing at the window, she cowered and hid behind the closet. At this time, Dong Hao led a group of Northern Expedition soldiers and rushed in. Seeing that Xing Yutang had fled, he was about to turn around and chase after him. "Brother Hao!" A familiar voice stopped him. He turned back suddenly, and the spring girl was staring at him blankly, with mixed feelings, wanting to say nothing. Dong Hao immediately ordered a villager's armed team to take good care of the spring girl, and secretly escorted her to his aunt's house for a temporary stay, then ran out of the Xing Barracks and chased Xing Bing with Commander Zhu.
Xing Yutang rode a horse to escape desperately, but he was shot and killed by the soldiers of the Northern Expedition as soon as he fled to the Luohan Temple in the north of Niutian Village. The rest of the fleeing Xing Bing fled like headless flies into the deep mountains and dense forests north of Niutian. When the scattered soldiers and bandits gathered in Baizhuxia Village of Zengtian, they were attacked by the bandit suppression team from the county town, and most of them were killed or injured. The remaining remnants fled into the deep mountains and valleys in the vicinity of Zhaoxie, frightened and starved, and some went to the mountains at night to steal pig food. In order to completely eliminate these remnant bandits, Commander Zhu led his troops into the mountains to clear the ground. With the active cooperation of the masses, the fleeing soldiers and bandits were soon arrested one by one. On the day when Zhu's battalion leader returned to the team, the people along the way beat gongs and drums, set off firecrackers, and waved their farewells. Dong Hao sent Zhu Changming all the way, and Zhu Changming urged Dong Hao earnestly.
After the Xing Bandit was wiped out, the villagers were all cheered and cheered, and the whereabouts of the Spring Girl became a hot topic of chat (guessing): some guessed that the Spring Girl was robbed by soldiers and bandits and went into the mountains; Shot to death; some said that the spring girl was rescued and fled to a foreign country, but there is still no definite news after several months. Although Yuan Jianzhong still misses Chunnv, but because Chunnv married bandits is widely known and notorious, it is inconvenient to inquire. Soon, after being persuaded by his family to remarry, he is still engaged in his shop business, but his heart is always gloomy. , hard to let go.



The spring girls live in seclusion in the south of the water, and Dong Hao's aunt felt their sincere feelings and hardships, and took good care of the spring girls, making the spring girls extremely grateful. But Chunnu could only hide here, and did not dare to go out. She was always in a panic, and she wanted to go back to Liukeng to mourn the dead of her parents to express her longing and guilt; she also wanted to go to her husband's house to tell her helplessness. and grievances; I want to see Dong Hao as soon as possible, and tell him heartfelt words, so that my mind and body can get some comfort. However, thinking of everything that has been caused by me and my own ruin, I am extremely sad, and I can only sigh at the sky and dare not hope.
Aunt Dong Hao lives in an old Qing-style house, located on the riverside at the west end of the ancient camphor forest in Shuinan Village. The spring girl who dared not go out often thinks hard, tossing and turning every day and night, and the figure of Dong Hao appears in her mind from time to time... One night, the autumn wind picked up, making the trees squeak, and the spring girl could not sleep all night. , As soon as the day dawned, she got up and looked out of the window: the wind blew the leaves and rolled down the river beach, the river was rushing, and the waves were rolling. She couldn't help but feel ups and downs, stirred with long feelings, and fell into the memory of a distressed experience when she was young: it was one day in the early autumn of the year when she was fourteen years old. The poisonous fish in the Liukeng River, the spring girl followed Dong Hao's group of partners, As the villagers rushed into the river with fishing nets to pick up fish. The fish was poisoned half-dead and scurried on the river beach. The spring girl chased a fish and tried to catch it, but she accidentally slipped into a backwater bay by the beach. Although the backwater bay is not big, the water is deep and swirling. In a short time, the spring girl was submerged in the water. She saw her hair and screamed loudly from the side. She didn't dare to come forward to save it, and she saw Dong Hao striding on the beach. Rufei rushed to the backwater bay with all her might, dived into the water, pushed the spring girl to the shoal, slowly opened her eyes, and stared blankly at the people around her. Dong Hao smiled knowingly at her, carried her ashore, and walked home. In Dong Hao's arms, the spring girl seemed to have forgotten the embarrassment of being immersed in the water just now. She felt not pain, but a kind of warmth that she had never felt before. Her heart was pounding, and her cheeks were flushed...
Chun Nu leaned against the window sill with her eyes half-closed, reminiscing about this wonderful feeling, and her feeling of missing Dong Hao was even more urgent. A few days later, the spring girl finally looked forward to Dong Hao.
True feelings dictated that Dong Hao went to his aunt's house to visit the spring girl on the night after he bid farewell to Zhu Changming. It was a bright and bright autumn night, and the cool breeze was blowing. Dong Hao and the spring girl went to the ancient Zhanglin River together. The moonlight sprinkled on the river, and the waves were bright. The spring girl leaned against the weeping willow and sat facing the river. She had a deep sense of inferiority and longed for Dong Hao's closeness. She was agitated, but bowed her head and said nothing. Dong Hao understood Chunnu's thoughts, so he stepped forward and caressed Chunnu's shoulder with his hand, and said, "The sufferings in the past are all caused by evil, you are not at fault, don't do it yourself. It's my beloved..." After Dong Hao's consolation, the hope in Chun Nu's heart was ignited, she began to raise her head, turned around and looked at Dong Hao silently. The moonlight reflected the beautiful face of the spring girl with tears, making Dong Hao more affectionate and affectionate, and couldn't help taking the spring girl into his arms. , carrying out the most common in the world, but they are the most unusual blending of mind and body... The sand is the seat, the ground is the bed, the river is chanting songs, and the moonlight is the curtain.
They sat up with the help of each other, sweating all over their bodies, and the cool breeze blew their bodies, making them feel at ease. They wished that this time would last forever, but they calmed down, and the harsh reality made them full of melancholy.
Chunnu put her head in Dong Hao's arms and said, "What should we do in the future?" Dong Hao thought that this was exactly the question that needed to be explained to her, and then said out of his mouth: "Bai Gouzi (the local armed forces of the Kuomintang). ) is rampant, and the patriarchal shackles are still set on us, and we cannot tolerate us. The Communist Party calls for revolution to break this current situation and liberate the majority of the suffering people. Only on this day can we openly get married and have a good life. Day. Therefore, I am going to participate in the revolution, you have to live in seclusion for some more days, I hope this day will come soon." Together they raised their heads to look at the stars, looking forward to a bright future.
At midnight, Dong Hao got up and took Chunnv, escorted her to his aunt's house, and repeatedly told Chunnv to wait patiently for him, waiting for the day of victory, then turned and left. Chun Nu stood at the door, looking at Dong Hao for a long time, with infinite thoughts and expectations in her heart!

Bravely resisting the enemy and devoting myself to the ruins of the night rain
Besides, after the Xing bandits were annihilated, Shu Lan felt free from the shackles. Although he still lived in the Lianhua Temple in the south of the water, he was free to visit the village and inquire about Dong Hao’s situation everywhere.



Just when the Xing bandits were annihilated, Le'an began to have secret organizations and activities of the Chinese Communist Party. In the villages in the southwest of Le'an, "peasant associations" were successively established, laying a solid foundation for the establishment of county and township Soviet regimes. Under the guidance of Zhu Changming, Dong Hao actively sought revolution after annihilating the Xing bandits. In the spring of 1928, he became a key member of the Liukeng Farmers' Association, and often acted for the farmers' association in the villages.
One day, Dong Hao went to work on Niutian Street and was discussing with several peasant association officials at the back of a store. There was a woman's shouting from behind the store. The more Dong Hao heard, the more familiar it became. He jumped out the back door and saw Shu Lan was being pulled randomly by a young man. Dong Hao shouted sharply: "Stop it! In broad daylight, to insult a weak woman like this is more disgusting than a bandit!" and stepped forward. The man was not willing to stop, he raised his fist and hit Dong Hao, and was beaten to the ground by Dong Hao's vigorous fists and kicks. Dong Hao hurriedly pulled Shu Lan away, but the man was not convinced. He got up and grabbed the guy (waist knife) and chased after Dong Hao and the others. Together with the residents present, he stopped his actions.
It turned out that this man, originally a local ruffian, often did some sneaky things. On this day, he won money from gambling and met a beautiful woman like Shu Lan who was walking alone. It was at the time of his ecstasy, but Dong Hao made him embarrassed. Since then, he has looked at Dong Hao intentionally or unintentionally, looking for an opportunity to take revenge.
Dong Hao took Shu Lan and wanted to send her to the Lotus Nunnery, but Shu Lan stopped her and said, "I have no relatives, and I have been thinking about it for many days. When I go out to find you, I just want to have someone to rely on!" Shu Lan sobbed, looking forward to it. Looking at Dong Hao. Shu Lan's situation made Dong Hao no longer have the heart to hide it from her. He thought: long pain is worse than short pain, so he told the whole story of his relationship with Chun Nu. Shu Gang was dizzy and dizzy, and his body was weak. He sat down against the wall by the roadside. He felt extremely lost, but he couldn't cry. Dong Hao hurriedly helped her up and sighed, "Alas! Getting to know me will only add to your pain, so it's better for us to become strangers." Shu Lan hurriedly pulled Dong Hao and said, "Don't say that. , you are the only person I can get close to, without you I would suffer even more." "Well, we will be brothers and sisters, and we will take care of each other in the future." Feel consolation. Dong Hao pulled Shu Lan again and said as he walked: "The days are still long in the future, you have to relax, find a suitable man to marry, or have someone to rely on, so that no one will trouble you, in the future, I will also when it is convenient. Come to see you." Shu Lan nodded silently, walked, suddenly grabbed Dong Hao and asked him to help take out the things originally hidden in Xing Barracks.
Dong Hao followed Shu Lan to the original Xingbing station, dug out the package (gold, silver and jewelry) according to the position pointed out by Shu Lan, and immediately handed it to Shu Lan. Shu Lan took out most of the gold and silver and gave it to Dong Hao, Dong Hao pushed it not, Shu Lan said earnestly: "If you don't want it, you just dislike me and don't treat me as a sister." Dong Hao only took part and rushed to help Shu Lan wrapped things up and sent Shu Lan towards Shuinan Lianhua Nunnery.
When they arrived at Lianhua Nunnery, Dong Hao repeatedly told Shu Lan to turn around and leave. Shu Lan beckoned frequently and looked at Dong Hao's distant back, full of thoughts, intertwined with loss and melancholy. Who knows, this breakup has become their goodbye. Later, through the introduction of the villagers, Shu Lan married a local craftsman, lived in harmony, had children, and lived together forever.
A few days later, Dong Hao received a secret notice from the organization, saying that the Kuomintang army had made a comeback, and asked the red revolutionary organizations everywhere to quickly formulate countermeasures to prevent accidents. To this end, Dong Hao eagerly found the liaison officer of the peasant association and asked him to inform the officials of the Liukeng peasant association that an emergency meeting would be held tonight, and then rushed to the house of Aunt Shuinan.




As soon as he arrived at his aunt's house, Dong Hao eagerly found a dagger that had been hidden for a long time and wrapped it around his waist, and immediately said to Chunnu, "The white dog may attack our peasant association in the near future, so tonight I will rush to Liukeng. The Wenguan will hold an emergency meeting to discuss ways to deal with them. No matter what, don't go out, and you can't find me, I'll come to you whenever it's convenient." Dong Hao left without waiting for Chunnu to ask. Chun Nu followed him to the gate of the courtyard, only to watch him go away, but when she turned back to the house, she found a man sneaking at Dong Hao from the side alley of the house, stopping when he walked.
It turned out that this man was the ruffian who molested Shu Lan that day. For the sake of Xue's personal hatred, he took refuge in the white dog and acted as a lackey, always staring at Dong Hao. At that time, he eavesdropped on what Dong Hao said to Chunnv under the side window of the house, so he followed Dong Hao to the entrance of Shuinan Village, and watched Dong Hao walk for a while from a distance, convinced that Dong Hao was going to Liukeng, that is, he returned to Niutian. White Dog Resident Report.
By the time Dong Hao arrived at Liukeng, night had come. The cadres of the peasant association gathered at the Wenguan will discuss the current situation and the environment they are in. Less than half an hour later, the people who were guarding the outside hurriedly entered and reported, saying: "On the south and west sides, a large group of people were quietly approaching the Wenguan. Dong Hao and everyone urgently suggested that everyone should disperse into the village as soon as possible, so they blew out the lights. , rushed towards the gate of the Wenguan. However, at this time the gate was blocked by white dogs, and they fled to the waist gate on the east side. Suddenly, gunshots broke out, and several peasant association cadres fell to the ground. Dong Hao jumped out of the text. Hall, hid behind a stone pillar at the site of the Great Ancestral Hall, and saw a white dog leaning on the front stone pillar on the west side to aim at the two peasant association cadres, he suddenly pounced and stabbed the white dog with a dagger. The back chest. The two peasant association cadres were lucky enough to escape, but he himself was smashed to the ground with a gun by the white dog who caught up behind him.
The sound of gunshots echoed in the night sky of Liukeng, and the villagers were afraid to go out at home; more than half of the peasant association cadres who participated in the meeting were martyred, and the few who survived escaped in the forests and villages. Knowing that it is difficult to chase and kill, they retreated.
Let's talk about the spring girl, thinking about the situation when Dong Hao was bidding farewell, she felt that Dong Hao's departure was more fortunate and less fortunate, and she felt uneasy. When I came to the library, it was already silent. She peeked out from the waist door on the east side of the Wenguan: I saw piles of things lying on top of the stone pillars above the ruins of the ancestral hall. When she walked in, she saw that it was a human body. She flipped through the corpses in horror, hoping that it was not Dong Hao, but it was Dong Hao who was lying in front of the stone pillar on the west side. She sat on the ground absentmindedly and picked up Dong Hao, staring at Dong Hao's face, tears like a spring, and the tears washed away the blood stains on Dong Hao's face... The spring girl placed Dong Hao's body while weeping, but knelt down facing Dong Hao, put her head on the ground with both hands, and let out a wailing cry. Suddenly, there was lightning and thunder on this late autumn night, and the wind and thunder rolls echoed the cries of the spring girls in the sky above the remnant pillars. After a huge thunder, it rained heavily and the stone pillar beside Dong Hao collapsed. Shocked the ruins. The spring girl slowly raised her head and looked up at the dark night sky, letting the wind and rain blow her sad face, the only hope in her heart was suddenly extinguished in this night rain. The rainy night is boundless, where is her home?




The most missing and the most heart-wrenching,
The more the expectation, the more empty it becomes.
The broken soul and the lonely shadow are left to wander,
Ye Yuyou sobbed and cried.
With lightning and thunder, the spring girl wandered alone in the wind and rain, slowly disappearing into this vast rainy night...
Huang Gengchang
June 9, 2013




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The General Office of the State Council has opened the "National Government Service Complaints and Suggestions" applet to widely receive clues and suggestions on government service issues

In order to implement the spirit of Premier Li Keqiang's important instructions on accepting complaints about various issues and strengthening supervision over government services, the General Office of the State Council has opened the "National Government Service Complaints and Suggestions" mini-program from September 20 to widely receive complaints from all walks of life about government services. questions and suggestions.



Announcement on Adjusting the Ticket Price of Liukeng Scenic Spot

In order to implement the "Guiding Opinions of the National Development and Reform Commission on Improving the Ticket Price Formation Mechanism for State-owned Scenic Spots and Lowering the Ticket Prices of Key State-owned Scenic Spots", the document No. 951 [2018] of the Development and Reform Commission, from September 30, 2018, Liukeng Scenic Spot Tickets The price has been reduced, from the original ticket price of 60 yuan/person to 50 yuan/person.



Liukeng Ancient Village was selected as the first batch of "Jiangxi Province Primary and Secondary School Students Research and Practice Education Base"

On August 14th, the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Education officially announced the "Evaluation Results of the First Batch of Research and Practice Education Bases for Primary and Secondary School Students in Jiangxi Province" to name 64 units as the first batch of "Jiangxi Province Primary and Secondary School Students Research and Practice Education Bases", and Liukeng Ancient Village in Le'an was selected. .