Yang Jun said loosely about Liukeng

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2015-03-16 09:53

Yang Junsong was the national teacher of Tang Xizong Dynasty (873~888), and he served as doctor Jinzi Guanglu, responsible for managing the geography of Lingtai. Huang Chao broke Chang'an, and he cut his hair into the Kunlun Mountains to step on the dragon, and then went to Qianzhou (now Ganzhou, Jiangxi), and practiced geography in the world. On this day, he and his disciple Zeng Wendi came to Liukeng in search of dragons. They admired Liukeng mountains surrounded by water, fertile land and beautiful environment. The Dong family in Liukeng asked him to look at the land, and he readily agreed. Using a large rock in the village as a compass, he walked around the hillside of the village and beside the river and lake for a few days, then shook his head and talked about Liukeng Fengshui and predicted the future of Liukeng. He took the Dong clan to Longhu Lake and read a jingle: "The leader of the row chops the axe, the tail of the row shakes the scull, the people in the row are rich and noble, and there are two kinds of soil in one village." At that time, there were many carpenters in the west of Liukeng Village, and the east side of the village was There are many rows of workers in the river, and there are many rich and noble families in the village. People think it makes sense and admire it. Then came to Baimaozhou, Yang Junsong said: "Five hundred years is still defeated, Xinxu water is big. If you see the water flowing in Geng, it is still like Liukeng." At that time, the villagers did not understand what it meant. Suffering an unprecedented catastrophe, it was first slaughtered by the Yuan army, then plundered by mountain bandits, and then attacked by the Sharp armed forces of the county. And it was flooded by water again, and natural and man-made disasters came together, and people suddenly realized. Therefore, the Long Lake was repaired and the water channel was changed, so that the Liukeng could prosper again. Then, Yang Junsong went to Tianma, Riyuexia, Yuping, Xuefeng, Jinjiang and other places, leaving behind "Tianma comes from the south, and the princes are here", "If the fishing bag is exchanged, the minister can be expected." , "Hai Shangfeng, Mingyue Tower. The descendants of Dong's family are famous for hundreds of generations", "Yangxing, Sunyuexia and gorges follow, and the civil and military champions return. The head of the flying goose is upright, and the golden hall is on the jade steps. Poor and cold", "Giving black to one hundred people, and three hundred green robes with mysterious breath. Children and grandchildren have enjoyed official honors for many generations, and they are like mountains with the country", etc., and also for the founding ancestor Dong He and his son Dong Zhen. 4 holes. Yang Junsong's prophecy really came true, and soon after that, Dong's Langui and Qifang became the hairpin and Ying family. The Dong family was astonished as a miracle. They revered Yang and Zeng as earth immortals from generation to generation, and later enshrined them in the Great Ancestral Hall to repay the merits to show that they will not forget their blessings.

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