Introduction of Liukeng Xiaofuhui

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2015-03-16 09:52

A village through the ages, Liukeng, has a history of attaching great importance to literature and education, and a large number of officials have emerged. This large village with the family name of Dong is known as "two champions in civil and military affairs, four ministers in two dynasties, one school and five scholars, and scholars are like stars". Xu Xiake, a great traveler in the Ming Dynasty, praised when he visited Liukeng: "It is a city of ten thousand families, and the Dong family is a giant surname, and there are five Guifangs."
According to the records of the village history, during the Wanli period of Ming Dynasty, Dong Yu, who was the minister of punishment at the time, selected a group of children from the clan to study the music of "Xiao Chuhui" in the court band, and then brought them back to the village to teach them, which was regarded as the glory of the village by the local people. historical proof.
"Liukeng Xiaochuhui" has its own unique performance form. Every year from the 2nd to the 15th day of the first lunar month, all the members of the music troupe wear top hats and long robes and jackets to perform grandly on the ancient stage in the village. In normal times, whenever there is a large-scale sacrificial event or a happy event in the village, the members of the music class must be neatly dressed, and guided by two high-footed jacquard lanterns, they will play all the way to the performance venue, and the class leader will announce loudly Celebrating the names of people or the content of the sacrificial activities, and then playing different tunes according to different occasions, the atmosphere is solemn and warm.
"Liukeng Xiaochuhui" originated from the royal family and nobles, with elegant style and pleasant sound. The main musical instruments are: Erhu, Sanxian, Pipa, Dizi, Sheng, Xiao, Suona, Banhu, Yueqin, Gong and Drum, etc. The main songs played are: "Chaotianzi", "Wind into the Pine", "Langtaosha" and other elegant court music, and later also incorporated some folk minor tunes such as "Mapo Zi" and "Wu Geng Love Lang", which are appreciated by both the refined and the popular. The performance content is richer and more lively.
According to the analysis of relevant experts, "the ancient court music was originally divided into "Dachuhui" and "Xiaochuhui", Dachuhui belonged to the "sacrificial music" or "chaohui music" in the palace, and Xiaochuhui belonged to entertainment music, also known as "Yanle". It is mainly performed in banquets or entertainment occasions. Liukeng Xiaochuhui preserves the essence of Chinese classical music relatively completely from the name of its music, the style and the instruments used by the band.

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